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THE CUPHEAD SHOW! | Official Trailer | Netflix

THE CUPHEAD SHOW! | Official Trailer | Netflix

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  • televisionceo

    I was expecting the animation to be closer to the game. And it seems like it’s aimed at children. Still I am interested and the music sounds good.

  • Stampeder

    To be honest it feels like something is a little off with the animations. Maybe it’s just me. I think the character designs are all true to the classic style, but the actual animation, while high quality, feels a little too modern. The movements are too quick and clean, and lack that sort of wobbly, “bouncy” feeling that I think really defined Cuphead and the old shows it was inspired by.

    There are a couple of parts in the trailer that do have it, like during the song, but otherwise it’s absent.

  • error521

    This is obviously quite well done, but there’s still something off about how it looks compared to actual 30’s cartoons or even the game. Which maybe just highlights how much of a feat the game actually was.

  • Carly_Raes_Bae

    This looks good! Only thing is Cupheads mannerisms arent what I thought they would be. I thought he would be more of a “roll up your sleeves” type.

  • tythousand

    This feels like a 90s cartoon emulating a 50s cartoon, and I don’t mean that as an insult. Reminds me of some of the 90s slapstick shows I watched as a kid, with higher-quality animation

  • GRVrush2112

    Pulling from the world of indie games in order to finally pull off adapting a video game well…. Not a bad strategy and Netflix seems like quite the place for it.

    I fully expect the Celeste TV series on Apple+ next year with the Hollow Knight adaptation on Amazon Prime shortly after that…. “Dead Cells” goes to HBO Max

  • NJShadow

    I love the animation, obviously, but I’m not digging Cuphead and Mugman’s voices for some reason. They’re too goofy and mature vs. the innocent-ish vibe I got from the game. I sorta imagined Cuphead sounding more like Sonic, maybe, and Mugman sounding a bit more nasaly, due to his slightly bigger nose.

  • FutureEditor

    That is not the voice I had in my head for what Cuphead and Mugman sounded like when I played the game at all lol, it’s weird to hear them but I’m on board with this show!

  • LittleRudiger

    It looks nice overall, so, I’m not criticizing too hard. But, there are moments where it looks spot on in the style it’s going, and then others where you can really see the more modern animation style kind of overriding the rubber hose art syle. I think a lot of it comes down to shot composition more than anything.

  • Nanto_Suichoken

    um…i don’t think i like it to be completely honest, not that it looks bad or anything.

    The animation quality looks great but all these voices and just the overall tone feels off, i can’t really put my finger on it but it just seems like it’s Cuphead without it being Cuphead ? As if the game is its own cartoon and this is a complete reboot somehow.

  • martymcfliesonpoo

    The animation is not like the older early style that inspired it. That’s a real shame because that would’ve been quite cool to see a revival of such

  • FlickFreaks

    Why didn’t they go with the art style of the game? I would have preferred the golden age, rubber hose style of animation, with the faded colors & low frame rates. I’ll still watch it.

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