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Thank you kind stranger

Thank you kind stranger

Thank you kind stranger from gaming

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  • jljboucher

    My first time playing Fallout 76 was Xmas day, some guy had set up a huge camp with free water and crops where The Wayward is now. He was dressed as Santa and giving out water and food to Noobs.

  • Kind_Revenue4810


  • xionea

    Starting playing FFXIV a couple months ago and joined the free company my cousin was a part of. The crew was super nice to me, and one of the guys there even spent a couple hours showing me tricks and tips to help level up crafting professions, and even getting me materials since i was dirt poor at the beginning.

    … And then the same group decided to troll me in an extreme duty while i was learning Astrologian by deliberately running into bear traps and pulling mobs as hard as they could to keep me sweating and freaking out lol

  • TheHelplessTurtle

    Fallout 76 has the nicest community I’ve seen in a long time. I just started a few weeks ago when I got it for free, and had high level players drop all kinds of stuff to help me. Now it’s my goal to pay back what I can.

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