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Textbooks [OC]

Textbooks [OC]

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  • SeiCalros

    this same scam has been going on for at least the past 20 years

    its even less flexible now – the NEW textbooks come with a code that lets you take an online course

    they provide the professors a way to not have to grade stuff while simultaneously making it impossible to use an old textbook

  • SunflowerJYB

    Textbooks and college bookstores are legal scams. New text $315. Buyback value in good condition $27. 35. Used text in good condition $284.75. They may resell that sucker 5 times with huge margins! During COVID I rented a textbook. Then the bookstore closed and I could not bring it back. They charged me THE RENTAL, THE FULL PRICE OF THE Book, AND A HUGE LATE FEE! I supposedly was suppose to mail it back but they never contacted me nor were there instructions about this, anywhere. Asshats

  • Jihad_Jesus_

    My textbook for databases has almost no difference in the content from the last version, but all the problems you need to answer for the assignments have been changed. Pretty scummy. Someone in the class was able to find a free PDF and shared it in the class discord. He’s a real one.

  • SunflowerJYB

    Like Pearson and Ticketmaster. Slightly more more useful to society that meth dealers. Ok that’s exaggerating. A little bit.

  • RodcetLeoric

    I had a professor who included his personal book as a required textbook, then didn’t reference it even once. When asked about it, he said it was basically a guide to the lectures, and we should be using it oursrlves. It was a $150 script for the lectures, and attendance was graded, so we were paying the school for the class and paying the prof. for a script of the class.

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