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Tell us about the reason a 10/10 game became a 9/10 for you.

Tell us about the reason a 10/10 game became a 9/10 for you.

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  • webmaze_

    overwatch, i loved the first game but you have to pay for the currency in overwatch 2 to get skins, i miss the crates that just gave skins.

  • Strict_Donut6228

    Resident evil 2 remake didn’t have proper A/B scenarios and the zap system. Only thing stopping it from being a 10/10 in my eyes

  • Old-Care-3177

    Law in RDR2 made it an instant 8/10. I am playing as an outlaw, robbing people in a town with 20 residents, and 10 seconds later a (literally) infinite amount of lawmen gun me down. Some other annoyances too, but none as big as that

  • schuuin

    Super Mario Bros Wonder final secret level is a badge gauntlet (all the other five star levels I had a good amount of fun with and beat them without too much hassle).

    Too bad the only badge I ever used prior was the super mushroom badge because the game insisted on having a lives system that is thirty years outmoded at this point.

    So i have no practice at all with any of the badge power plus the game cuntishly has no checkpoint before the absolute hardest part at the end (the invisibility section)

    And if you manage to beat it, your reward is … the title screen backround becomes black instead of white ( assuming you also spent hours grinding for currency and buying all the colours of the standees ) 🤡

    A shitty way to end an otherwise fantastic title.

  • AyoCalliou

    Alan Wake 2, stuck in the Scratch chapter. A bug or something that locks you from continuing. Went from possibly the best game ive experienced since Persona 5 Royal to the qorst disappointment of the year

  • Xenozip3371Alpha

    The Parry mechanic in Spider-Man 2, the game basically punishes you for playing like the previous 2 games with the dodges that are ingrained in habit.

    They’ve basically tried to make Spider-Man act like Arkham Batman.

    Plus the Parry seemed really inconsistent with when it would actually work, which is annoying since basically all the bosses require you to master the Parry mechanic.

    Also they gutted the selection of Gadgets you had in the first game.

  • TheNewTonyBennett

    Baldur’s Gate 3, but only because when I had played it last, there were a fair amount of glitches later in the game that were rather frustrating to deal with. However, there’s been a decent amount of fixes since I last had the time to hop on, so it might be back up to 10 for me by now. Outside of glitches that game is pretty damn stellar.

  • dwpea66

    *Control.* The disappointing ending. It just kind of ends with no super cool boss battle or payoff, and doesn’t do much with Jesse’s storyline.

  • TheUnruledOne

    Crysis was this way for me when I first bought it.

    I got it a year later, when I could run it, but that isn’t my issue with it. The whole game was good, even the Alien ship parts were fun, but the game was just lacking that last bit of **oomph/polish** to take it into the top tier.

    2 worked on this a lot, and I don’t think it quite succeeded in it either, but I felt like it was trying to address this problem. Still haven’t played 3 as it wasn’t on Steam, and I despise EA/Origin, but one of these days it will go on sale, now that it is, and I will be able to see how that went in the end.

  • Top_Ad_2819

    FFX…getting to a save sphere and then the screen smash and battle music coming on an inch away from the save prompt. Like bro I wanna go to bed now

  • spongeCakeOfDoom

    The adventures of diverse girl boss, guest starring Alan Wake. Such a brilliant game, but someone just had to Disney all over it.

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