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Supercut of Elon Musk Promising Self-Driving Cars “Next Year” (Since 2014)

Supercut of Elon Musk Promising Self-Driving Cars “Next Year” (Since 2014)

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  • manwithafrotto

    The auto pilot is incredible on highways, on regular roads with stop signs and stop lights? Not even close. I still love it for highway driving

  • Emmerson_Brando

    Elon is a genius… at branding himself as a genius to people who don’t anything about the businesses he runs. It’s no different than branding the kardashsians, trump, Michael bay, Oprah, Joe Rogan. If you have a big enough following, some people will latch on and give them this weird halo effect that no matter the dumbass thing they say or do, it no longer matters.

  • ignost

    My Tesla is nice, but it’s self-driving features aren’t there, even for highways and freeways. It’s really risk averse, which is better than the opposite, but ends up making me move slower than traffic if someone changes lanes. My preferred on-ramp doesn’t have a “70” speed limit sign for like a mile, which means it would do the “recommended on-ramp speed” of 45 for a mile of freeway if I left it alone. I feel like they’re trying to use cameras too much, and could benefit from just coding the speed on sections of I-15. Worst of all, it will rarely slam on the brakes on the freeway. I can only assume it’s pikcing up random street speed limit signs. This usually is only a problem on rural roads or construction, where the sound wall isn’t in place and frontage roads might be close to the freeway. Still, it’s scary as hell and has me watching my right to see if any roads are visible.

    The “road driving” is many years from being safe. It will 100% slam on the brakes if someone is turning left in front of you, even if the car will clearly be clear of the intersection in time. It’ll reliably straight up fail and try to send me into oncoming traffic at certain intersections. The stop light detection is suicide. I could probably list 2-3 other major complaints, but they’re not top of mind because I rarely feel safe using self driving on surface street.

    And to be fair, my 2018 Ford has many of the same problems with its adaptive cruise. Sometimes I drive my old 2012 pickup and enjoy the “dumb” cruise. It’s sometimes nice to know you’re not relying on half-done tech and are just going to go 45 until you press the brake without doing a seatbelt check because someone decided to turn left somewhere in the distance.

    Edit: I know how to spell brakes.

  • Dash_Harber

    And computer brain interfaces, and the hyperloop, and satellite delivered internet, and mars, and …

    Seriously, Musk is not an engineer. He’s a businessman, and he knows that if he pretends to be Tony Stark and reads the dust jacket of any sci-fi novel off the shelf, he can watch his stock shoot upwards.

    Edit: Alright, some people seem to be missing my point here, so I’ll clarify; I’m not saying that these products are never delivered, I’m saying that he promises all sorts of outrageous things on ridiculous time scales and then when then reaps the stock benefits and when they don’t deliver he just throws his hands up and all his fans give some excuse about taking time, as if he was forced at gunpoint to present that timetable to the public in the first place.

    And no, he’s not an engineer in anything but name. This isn’t Reddit speaking; he legitimately has no training in Engineering. In fact, in some countries you even need a license (such as mine) to be recognized, so it’s pretty silly to pretend that he just willed himself into being an engineer. It’s no different than me starting a company and giving myself the title of “doctor”.

  • jokersleuth

    This is how you retain shareholders. You keep em with promises so that they don’t lose faith in your stock and sell..

    edit: Seems I triggered the muskrats

  • vbcbandr

    I grew up thinking we’d have flying cars in 2015. I have, therefore, come to dial my expectations down to zero. No one will ever see me excited about anything until I have a hoverboard under my feet.

  • seanzorio

    I’ve got a 2021 Tesla Model 3. If what it can do is “self driving” it’s a long way off. Even on autopilot I keep a super super close eye on what it’s doing. For highway driving it’s great. For everything else there is plenty it struggles to do well.

  • SpacecraftX

    Founders at my last company: “robots on factory production lines in 3 months”

    Every three months. Once they promised a robot of a new class that had zero conception, design, production, or software done yet in 3 months, maybe 4. Had to reel them back hard on that one.

  • yoyoyoyoyoy

    Lex Friedman just asked him on his podcast “how long until you put a human on Mars?” And he said “best case 5 years, worst case 10 years.” I will eat my fricking hat

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