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Subs vs Dubs

Subs vs Dubs

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  • Sabbathius

    This is one of those things I never understood. Are you watching a MOVIE, or are you reading, or are you listening to an audiobook? The three are completely different experiences.

    If I’m watching a movie, I can’t be reading the subtitles. My eyes are connected, so if I’m reading subtitles, I’m looking at the bottom 15% of the screen. I can’t do that and simultaneously watch the actor act out the scene. I’m not a chameleon, where I can have one eye on the actor and another on the subtitles. Ergo, if I’m watching a movie, it can’t be subtitled, it needs to be dubbed.

    If you sit there reading subtitles, why not just skip the movie part and read a book? It’s practically always a better, deeper, more fulfilling experience anyway.

    And people listening to movies, when they’re meant to be watched, are just contrarian perverts (no offense).

    Yes if a movie only has the subs, and I really want to watch it, I’ll watch it. But if I’m meh about it to begin with, and I see subtitles start rolling, especially verbose ones, I usually turn it off and move on to the next show that is in a language I can understand without subs (luckily there’s several) or is dubbed. If I wanted to read, I’d read a book. I also love audiobooks, lets me do menial tasks and/or fall asleep to it.

  • Haram_Salamy

    I used to talk shit on dubs people, but I’ve kind of started to agree with them. I’m missing out on so much of the actual animation while focusing on the subtitles. It is still unfortunate how bad most dubs are though.

  • pipboy_warrior

    I used to be very anti-dubs, but I think a lot of that was because of the state of dubs in the late 90’s. Man, but the dubbing has gotten a lot better since then, both in terms of the voice acting as well as the translations being used. In certain cases I’ve watched both subbed and dubbed and end up preferring the English dub.

  • Decimus109

    I watch dub or sub depending on the voices I imagine for the characters. I’ll usually try to watch something with both and determine which I like best. For example, for Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood I thought the sub was really good. I went to one of the episodes for the dub where a lot of the main characters were in it and they just didn’t sound right to me, the voices didn’t feel like they matched the characters even though a few were alright. But with Dragonball, I think the subs are atrocious, especially Goku. I can only watch that with dub.

  • Fritzschmied

    Unpopular opinion but I really prefere dubbed instead of subbed if I don’t understand the language. Reading along is just so annoying and takes so much concentration away from the actual content.

  • batatatchugen

    Unless the subs are hard coded, in most cases you can just increase the font size so it’s easier to read while you run.

  • DaGGyzo

    If you actually want to watch the show from the creators intended version it’s always subbed. Reading subs is only difficult if you don’t give it time. If you wanna do everything else while the show is on and you don’t speak the language, then dub, but don’t make it seem like they’re both the same. It’s not, the creator has specific directions to voice actors and chose them accordingly. Dubbed is just the same 10 people they use for every anime.

  • TheWrathalos

    It depends on the series for me, i tend to prefer subbed, but i rarely have time to just sit back and watch, so i play dubbed episodes of stuff while i do housework. Cowboy bebop is one that i feel is better english dubbed even if i’m able to sit back and watch without doing other stuff.

  • wizard_brandon

    i prefer dubs because i understand english and i can watch the show rather than read it.

    but i dont hate dubs because this weird side picking/clans is stupid

    the only thing i could dislike about dubs is how they are like 3 weeks behind the dubs

    (or in one pieces case 400 epidoses)

  • lolypap

    I like dubs because I can’t sit still and watch something, I have to do other things while I watch anime. So I watch dub because I don’t speak Japanese

  • Last_Result_3920

    they used to Americanize and edit stories in dubs in the 70s 80s and 90s but they mostly stopped doing that you’re not getting more story by watching subs anymore you’re just reading cuase you enjoy it

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