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Stranger Things 4 | Volume 2 Trailer | Netflix

Stranger Things 4 | Volume 2 Trailer | Netflix

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  • Mentoman72

    There’s no way this doesn’t end with 11 holding her hand out, screaming with blood dripping from both nostrils until eventually whatever she needs dead disappears. She might even float a little bit! It will be in slow motion.

  • beer_down

    Could just be 2 full episodes of Murray using a flamethrower while Kate Bush is playing and I’d consider it a success

  • quietly41

    I’m very curious if we’ll see the mindflayer in those two episodes, I was really hoping for some answers about the upside down this season.

  • I-StormRayge

    This is going to end like The Empire Strikes Back for sure. The way Papa tells Eleven that she isn’t ready is just like Luke going to save his friends before completing his training with Yoda.

  • br_onson

    I initially rolled my eyes at the split season, but it actually seems like a really good way to allow everyone to watch the first part at their own pace and then all be caught up for the finale and not have to worry about getting spoiled by people who binge the entire season in a day or two.

  • koalatyvibes

    man it really feels like they’re setting up steve for his last stand and it hurts. him and robin almost make the show for me. this season has really made up for stranger things’ ups and downs, S4 is pretty epic television

  • ReservoirDawgs

    Kate Bush is the biggest winner of Season 4. I had barely heard the song before (only the Placebo version) and now it’s probably going to be my most played song on Spotify for the year.

  • Martyn470

    I have a disgusting, sinking feeling that Steve and Nancy are going to die, professing their love for each other in a final embrace.

    I also think Lucas is going to die, going out in a heroic fashion by holding off a demogorgon or even charging Vecna.

    They’ve built the Steve / Nancy thing up very sharply in some of the new episodes and it has to have some form of payoff because she’s still clinging on to a relationship with Jonathan, the threats never been higher so them breaking up would disjoint things and would complicate it too much for her to get with Steve suddenly, whereas if both are stuck in the upside down and confess love to each other, Jonathan won’t necessarily know about that and would just see it as him losing his girlfriend.

    It takes out an awkward disjoint doing it that way and would also serve to bring Jonathan back into the forefront with him struggling to get over Nancys death.

  • darkfirec

    I keep forgetting there’s still another season. This feels more like a series finale rather than just a season finale.

  • bexar_necessities

    I know rheyre milking that kate bush song to death but I don’t even care bc I’m such a sucker for when they kettle drum the shit out of songs for trailers.

  • HollowDakota

    Super excited for this, glad they waited a bit before releasing it all as I had time to catch up with season 3 and binge all of what is out for 4. Hope Steve and Nancy get back together and they don’t kill him off lol

    The longer episodes also really help them develop the storylines and it feels like a super long movie with how well done the cgi/cinematics are

  • Douglasqqq

    Oh I do not like seeing Eddie playing guitar in a epic ‘heroic sacrificey’ looking scene, and in no other where the Upside Down is shown.

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