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Still sends shivers down my spine.

Still sends shivers down my spine.

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  • bkconn

    I haven’t seen this movie, but out of context this scene seems incredibly silly.

    He leaves his face dripping with water which could easily look like nervous sweat.. He half hyperventilates himself right before walking out of the bathroom.. He wears his sunglasses indoors..

    lol wtf? He went out of his way to seem suspicious as hell

  • noobvin

    Damn, everyone was smoking. Guy coming out of the bathroom, and all the customs guys. Of course, I remember those days. Smoking on an airplane, in a movie theater. You could smoke everywhere and did. Back then 4/5 doctors were recommending Marlboros. It was a crazy time for smoking.

    Japan is still “mostly” like this in some ways. A LOT of people still smoke like chimneys there and in a lot of public places.

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