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Still can’t believe Capcom approved the first 2 gun-toting-old-man Mega Man boxes for US release

Still can’t believe Capcom approved the first 2 gun-toting-old-man Mega Man boxes for US release

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  • turbocomppro

    What I’m curious was if they actually did focus groups where they tried out the original Japanese art vs the US and if kids actually preferred the US art.

    Even as a kid, I thought most US art covers was ugly af.

  • Dont_have_a_panda

    IIRC, Capcom didnt have faith for the IP at first, they only cared for MegaMan when the second sold very well

  • Flemtality

    The second one at least looks like a competent artist drew it. Granted, a competent artist who has never seen a Mega Man game ever, but a competent artist nevertheless.

    The first one has always looked like something some kid drew in his school notebook instead of learning fractions.


    The MM2 boxart isn’t bad apart from the gun and Dr. Light appears to be the villain instead of Dr. Wily…unless Dr. Light is saying to CrashMan “that dude in blue right there? He’s about to wreck your shit!”

  • Crazygamerdude17

    As someone who didn’t grow up with these games in the time, it feels weird knowing that MegaMan is a fully grown man, just from all I have seen I always thought he was like a kid with just the suit

  • Jolly_Owl_8693

    I assume this is a karma farm post, Capcom didn’t even have final approval on these, and there were not regulations in place yet about guns on covers

  • NMario84

    To be fair, no one knew what Mega Man was back in that day. So given the first title was literally the FIRST release of its series, it was pretty much a new character concept at the time. I’m sure the artists did not have much to work with either. I know Japan has had the better Famicom box arts, through considering it was developed over there anyway. I say whoever drew these did an excellent job on them given the circumstances. 🙂


    Bahahaha that first one. Can you draw a guy bending forward slightly? Yah. Of course I can. Did it millions of times before.

  • Kaizen321

    Classic box arts.

    Missed mega man 1 but damn I owned mm2 and proudly. Screw the box art, you knew what you were getting into with mega man

  • Feisty-Crow-8204

    The reason the first Mega Man box art was so bad was because the designers were literally given 24 hours to design it and don’t really have a choice to even see the game before going live.

    That’s why the second one looks better, but still not great. Because there was a big taboo on using anime art style for box art for US/Western audiences because it caused games to sell less.

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