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Steve Kerr is uninformed. Any thoughts?

Steve Kerr is uninformed. Any thoughts?

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  • rpunkmodsarenotpunk

    No, the mental health angle is a crock of shit, as every other country has mental health problems, and nowhere near the volume of mass murders. Also rule 1

  • raylan_givens6

    Other countries have people with mental health issues, yet they don’t have the same problem the US does

    The answer is guns.

    No , all murder will never go away, but the mass murders will certainly go down.

    The UK, Australia, and countless other countries are proof

    Those in the US clinging to guns are living in some delusional fairy tale that they can form some militia if the need ever arises………not realizing they would easily get destroyed by any professional armed force.

    And you don’t need them to hunt.

    You just want them because you want them, its that simple, and that isn’t a valid reason for innocent people to keep getting killed.

  • AndroidSuperFan

    America students died at a rate of 57 times more than EVERY OTHER INDUSTRIALIZED NATION COMBINED.

    Unless America has 57 times more mental illness than every other country, this excuse is a crock of shit. Although, 57 times more mental illness would answer a lot of questions about Americans as a whole.

  • artfuldodger1212

    My thoughts? My thoughts are whoever is in this video is weak and a moron. Sorry OP as I know you are almost certainly the person in the video. Steve Kerr lost his father to gunman in Beirut and has been around the world building himself into a capable and successful person. You however are some guy who apparently needs guns and flags to underwrite your identity because without them you would just be an ageing, out of shape, guy making videos no one watches in your basement who has very little control over your world and you are nowhere near being self assured enough to be OK with that.

    So you make another little video saying how much better you understand the situation and you don’t even make any real thoughtful points. The word that comes to mind is pathetic.

  • dooplex2

    Always the same, tired excuses of the gun nuts. iTs a MEnTal heALTh pRObLEm. It isn’t! It’s easy access to guns! No other developed nation has this insane issue. How is that?

    Also, are you drunk? You sure slur your words alot.

  • metalmikeinoakland

    yes ok but it’s nice to still halfway be living in a still-sort-of-a-halfway-democracy, where know-nothings can state their backassed opinions that are COMPLETELY FACTUALLY NOT CORRECT (and not get sent to the gulag).

    it is NOT complicated (america’s status in this matter) —

    4% of the world’s population, 31% of the world’s “mass killings.”

    the BIGGEST piece of shit ever was the Texas Lt Gov, the minute Fox News jacktard tucker carlson handed him a national microphone. and the very first thing (the only thing, actually) mr Lt Gov of TX started talking about was…wait for it…

    that america is “a christian nation” bla bla etc bla bla etc, and these grade school massacres, they’re “a test of our faith” etc etc

    and (MOUTH OPEN WIDE, mine) all i could think was —

    DID YOU CLEAR THIS “christian nation” idea with the Jewish population of america? the american-muslims? the athiests, our native buddhists, and another half-dozen small non-christian religions?

    what a piece of walking shit that jackass is. GO TO THE POLLS AND SEND HIM TO THE DUMPSTER, ok.

    second place in the texas-jackass list (as always, next to Gov Abbott/texas) was senator Cruz yelling (something about “you’re a horrible human being”) at texas gubernatorial candidate beto o’rourke, and having him ejected for “politicizing this meeting” ??? WOW. after decades of the far-far-right being 100% in cahoots with the NRA, NRA money, plus “dark money” through the NRA, and yelling “they’re going to take away your guns!! !! !! they’re gonna take away all your hunting guns!! !! anytime that anyone wonders if “gee, were citizens allowed to own CANNONS back in 1976?” (A: no, they weren’t. Muskets. “musket + pike” etc).

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