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Started final fantasy for the GameCube

Started final fantasy for the GameCube

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  • HQGirl567

    First time playing a GameCube game but also on a GameCube compatible wii!! Has anyone played final fantasy on the GameCube? If so how is it, first time playing the final fantasy series

  • xHourglassx

    Longtime series vet here. Crystal Chronicles was a disappointment to child me. If you have friends to couch co-op with you might have some fun with it, but it’s oversimplified and not very stimulating. If you get a chance to play Final Fantasy 7-10, I can’t encourage them enough.

  • barrmtg

    I have so many hilarious memories of this game. In order to play this game local multiplayer you needed to have these like Gameboy connectors, and everyone had to use their Gameboys instead of the Gamecube controllers.
    We must have spent FOREVER trying to get our hands on the adapters but once we had all 4 setup it was honestly one of the most fun coop experiences of that time.
    You had like all your menuing on the Gameboys and it made use of their screens as well.

    Also there is a weird cryptic puzzle in this game for some endgame secret that has some of the most confusing steps to achieve, I remember spending forever to figure out years ago lol.

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