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Starship Troopers legitimately feels like 16 people fighting for their lives. It’s a blast!

Starship Troopers legitimately feels like 16 people fighting for their lives. It’s a blast!

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  • StamosLives

    Starship Troopers: Extermination has two game modes currently but they both end the same way. After a successful (or a failed) mission, a dropship arrives some several meters away to pick you and the 15 other marines up. At this point, you can no longer spawn back in – if you die you have 20 seconds for someone to pick you up or you’re dead for good.

    And all hell breaks loose. Bugs start pouring from the ground everywhere and it’s easy to get overwhelmed as you rush back to the drop ship to safety. Players get peeled away from others, are running out of precious ammunition, and are otherwise just getting consumed by the horde.

    It’s so much fun to hear everyone trying to set up callouts / firing lines / cry out to others to try and get them back to the boat.

  • JodieHolmes62

    I am enjoying the hell out of the game and can’t wait for more content.

    Last night I spent like 30 minutes building a base only to die in the final Retreat. Still had a blast and load of fun


    Now if they can only find a way not to absolutely tank everyone’s FPS in the end phase, lol. Aside from that one annoying thing the game is awesome so far. Needs a lot more content but they are hard at it getting updates ready. I feel like this game is going to end up Deep Rock Galactic level good when it’s done.

  • BilboTBagginz

    I had no idea this was out. I just purchased it, but I won’t get to play it for a few weeks due to surgery tomorrow. 🙁

  • Avalanc89

    I’m very afraid that making 16 random ppl coop will be toxic as hell. Afk’ers, griefers, noobs, screaming kids, lone wolf players, players not doing objective and so on. Easy difficulty levels will get boring and higher not playable. Also waiting for roadmap.

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