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Sonic Prime – Teaser Trailer (Netflix Winter 2022)

Sonic Prime – Teaser Trailer (Netflix Winter 2022)

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  • Hades_adhbik

    as a sonic nerd, not much to go off, but based on how arcane turned out, i have hopes for this one. Netflix has been smart to develop game franchises. paramount put out the sonic movies and has a knuckles spinoff planned, last we know, odds are netflix ends up acquiring paramount, the avatar series are on netflix and they’re making more avatar content avatar studios, i heard paramount is setting up and looking to sell, in the rumor mill about wbd discovery selling to universal and paramount selling, i think it’s fair and necessary consolidation, market analysis, the field for formal studios will be shrinking. They need to consolidate as much as possible in order to compete. The barriers to entertainment are meteorically falling.

  • PiFlavoredPie

    The teasers make this show feel kind of empty, like there’s only two characters on screen max, surrounded by generic green hill landscape. Hopefully it’s just the way they edited these early vids and the actual show is a bit more lively.

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