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Someone plz invent this [oc]

Someone plz invent this [oc]

Someone plz invent this [oc]

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  • Denny_204

    Before social media, I was posting my A/S/L on chat box and Yahoo! Chat. Used to stay up all night on the summer breaks chatting. Then had to get offline when the folks woke up, because you couldn’t use the internet and phone at the same time.

  • RamsesThePigeon

    Does it also separate Reddit from [the Ennui Engine]( and turn it into a platform for high-quality original content, well-written comments, and earnest attempts at either entertaining or informing people?

    Barring that, does it force people to reserve upvotes for real contributions, downvotes for things like hate-speech and rule-breaking, and awards for truly exceptional offerings?

    If not, well… uh, Shrek, “Amogus,” LOL, based, oof, same, et cetera. Pretend this is a single-sentence comment which references a movie that you’ve seen.

  • Jinzot

    I remember a lot of people on facebook asking for everyone to remove/untag group photos at college parties leading up to the “anybody can join” phase in anticipation of the onslaught of parents opening accounts.

  • Legit_Spaghetti

    **Public service announcement:** This has already been invented. Mastodon is your Twitter replacement, Diaspora is your new Facebook.

    What makes these different is that they are *federated* services, not centralized. Meaning, instead of Facebook running everything and owning all of your data, people can spin up their own instances or nodes in the network, and then different nodes can federate with each other, meaning users on let’s say can see and interact with toots (their version of tweets) from users on if we’re federated. Also of note is that these services are built on ActivityPub, which is an open-source social media information exchange protocol, which means instead of the walled gardens of centralized platforms, federated networks can be built to talk to each other, which is potentially super powerful.

    So if you’re looking for something other than the insane cesspools of the centralized networks, those wet markets of public opinion that are driven by algorithms that try to keep you angry and confused ***on purpose***, check out these federated alternatives instead and regain a small part of your sanity. And if you’re tech-savvy and unafraid, look into spinning up your own node and fully reclaim ownership of your own data.

  • Generico300

    So an app that just removes the “Like” buttons? Because that’s what made social media go batshit insane; when they added like buttons and incorporated that bullshit into the algorithm.

  • neoprenewedgie

    I hate the poke. When someone pokes you, they are saying “I want you to entertain me but I am too lazy to say anything to you.” I never responded to a poke.

  • BritniRobots

    I was first told to join Facebook because I could “poke people,” and I thought it was the stupidest thing ever.

    Who would have known that was only the tip of the Facebook stupidity iceberg…

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