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Sign on the computer science and game design building on campus

Sign on the computer science and game design building on campus

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  • found_dead_in_hotel

    Plot twist… No one wants to hire these students because they smell too good. Employers assume they must be bad at coding.

  • breadexpert69

    I remember at my college the whole faculty had to send out an email to everyone in the department asking people to shower because there were some really gross people around.

  • Zeshui0

    Should be posted in r/anime too. You ever go to a weeb convention then you can’t refute the necessity of shit like this.

  • Thins

    Konami the publisher of the Yugioh TCG, had to implement a similar rule, actually written down in it’s tournament rulings…
    Gotta love my fellow duelists 🙂

  • Beefy_Zarathustra

    Short story time.

    I’ve been working in IT for the past `10 years or so and a lot of my colleagues are software engineers. I sometimes encountered very brilliant guys with low levels of self awareness, like one of them came to work in the same black tshirt pretty much every day for an entire year. He didn’t shower and just sprayed some Axe Deo over his tshirt (The white spots were quite visible). Dude was a coding champion and walking biological hazard at the same time.

  • UzumakiYoku

    Honestly if I’m at home for three days straight I won’t shower but I honestly cannot imagine going outside of my house without showering first.

  • AlibiYouAMockingbird

    Has anyone seen a person walk up to the building, read the sign, and then turn around and get back into their car?

  • Serenity-03K64

    My old residence at university had a “please don’t lick the wall sign” with a list of possible health issues.

  • seajeremy

    Why people so nasty? There’s a girl at my work who makes the elevator stink for a good half hour after she’s been in it. You don’t even have to see her to know she’s there.

  • breakfasteveryday

    What university?

    I’ve been to a computer science and game design university and can say some students needed that sign.

  • Nitrosquid212

    The worst thing about my Computer Science lectures was always the smell 🤢

    My department had to send reminders on the importance of showers on a regular basis

    There was this one dude you could smell before even entering the building, and he was on the second floor behind two doors… his attendance was pretty low but whenever he was in a lecture a lot of students would be like “fuck I can smell him already” and walk back out. He was a chill guy though, he would watch anime and play CSGO during lectures

  • GeraldTheHunter

    A few years back I was really fascinated with those Warhammer figurines. It seemed like such a cool hobby with the painting and then the game that goes along with it. I had never played before (still haven’t) so wanted to see how it was done and I knew that the game store in our mall had a huge table set up in the back and did games on the weekends.

    So I went one Saturday to see all the action and to decide if it was a hobby I should get into. I was only there maybe 15 minutes because of the weapons grade Fromunda cheese smell. Like 15 people in the back and the smell was nauseating. Left the store without any starter kits because I didn’t have anyone to play with and I damn sure wasn’t going to go back and play with those people on the weekends. Still bums me out because Warhammer looks so cool but it is an expensive hobby if all I can do is paint them and then put them away.

    Something people need to really learn is this. YOU may not smell it or think it’s bad but if you haven’t showered in days or what must be weeks for some of these people then trust me everyone else absolutely can smell it and it’s nasty.

    Change your clothes and scrub your balls gentlemen.

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