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Shipwrecked on an Island with no way home

Shipwrecked on an Island with no way home

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  • chainer3000

    Thank you for sharing. This was a great video. The filmer was a life saver for them, morally and in a survival sense (though I’d argue those two are connected)

  • l30

    **Here’s some information from the folks in the video they posted in the comments.**

    >G’day everyone, thanks heaps for all the support and positive comments. It’s been about a week since this film went up and I wanted to leave a comment to answer some of the most common questions. Everything you see in the film is a very short/cut down version of what actually happened, somethings got left out because of this and other things like pulling the boat off the wreck, for instance, only go for 30 seconds not 3 hours to make the film watchable! . Graham and Amanda are true Aussie legends, when we offer them some coin for all their help they refused and when we insisted they absolutely refused. If you didn’t pick it up from the film that tells you right there what type of people they are, all they wanted is we get together to share a meal and a yarn one time when they’re on mainland ❤️ love those two!

    >Sat Phone, we have no idea why it didn’t work. We tried many different numbers for about 20min using land lines, mobiles, mobiles with 61 at the start etc. with no luck. In Australia 000 is emergency but we didn’t know about 112 as the international emergency number so that’s one number we didn’t try.

    >We were already 3 days into this trip and had gone through 3/5s of our supplies. We’d anchored the boat in the same spot each night with no issues but the night it flipped there was tons of rain, our best guess as to how the boat flipped is the auto bilge drained the battery and stopped pumping out the water, boat got heavy and in the current the back anchor pulled, the boat drifted over to the rocks on the right, lowtide + rocks + boat full of water flipped her and as the tide changed the current also changes direction at this spot and she ended up back to the left where you see her in the beginning of the film (there were scratches all over one side of the boat where it’d must have been on that rock at some stage). At that point the back anchor was probably tangled/connected to reef because the boat was sitting much closer to shore than where we anchored it but wasn’t able to drift all the way to shore, so the back anchor was definitely still attached to something at that point. Not 100% sure this is what happened but it’s our best guess!

    >We didn’t know the Yatch was down the way at first and didn’t know if the anchor ropes maybe snap or were damaged so we made the call to go get the epirb before we potentially lost the boat and had no way of contacting mainland.

    > !!!PROPS MISSING QUESTIONS!!! Dennis didn’t want to leave the props on the boat in case someone took them before the boat could be salvaged, so we hammered the pins out with a rock and put them in an esky. You can see them clearly still on the boat in Timmy’s film at 5 min 22 sec –

    >The chartered chopper cost us 3400Aud and we found out that the coast guard to rescue us and salvage the boat would have been closer to 15k-20k

    >Dennis got his insurance and has a new boat on the way, his foot’s all healed up so no wooden leg for Denny haha

    >Thanks heaps for the support and positive comments from all of you, definitely not how we would have liked to spend our fishing trip but when you’re out in wild places wild stuff can happen! Stoked you all enjoyed the film ❤️ Yew!

    >(((EDIT))) There’s a few more questions I keep seeing…

    >Why didn’t we just pull the epirb? In Australia you can get in trouble for using an epirb if your life’s not in immediate danger. Because we had food/water and saw the yatch down the way I think we may have been fined if we’d pulled it. Not 100% sure about that but I was always told you should only pull an epirb as an absolute last resort!

    >How I could film for days? I have about 20 gopro hero 8 batteries, 15 hero 7, 11 rx100 batteries and 5 big powerbanks that can charge around 15 gopro batteries each. Dennis had a solar charger (pretty useless in the rain), but timmy had a massive lithium charger that can do around 300 gopro batteries. I usually constant roll for about 10 hours a day on these trips filming fishing and even though i’d already filmed for three days before this all began I didn’t need to borrow charge off timmy and was just careful with how much i filmed/able to charge with my powerbanks.

    >Why did we release the first big fish? GT to us are like our number one sport fish, they’re very special to us because of how hard they fight and how difficult they are from land. In general GT have a ton of respect from Aussie fishermen and are almost always released in Australia. We were out here three days leading up to the boat flip and ate coral trout, Tuna and more coral trout on those days (all super tasty), we didn’t realise how much the fishing was going to shut down over the next few days with the weather and were a bit over confident we could get more reef fish or tuna so we released the bigger GT. We prolly could have kept the first bigger G in hindsight but I’m not sure how long the meat would have lasted without ice and at that stage we didn’t realise how long we were going to be out there.

    >Yes that’s Baden from Ocean Alley and he loves his fishing! If you want to have a listen to his music look up ‘Ocean Alley’ on spotify or youtube.

    >This trip was from the beginning of the year, there’s a ton of films on mine and Timmy’s (timmy turtle fish) channels from the first three days leading upto this if you’re keen, go back and look at films from mid January.

    >Thanks again for watching, I’m stoked you’re all digging the film!

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