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Sherlock Holmes sucks at deduction – The Pete Holmes Show

Sherlock Holmes sucks at deduction – The Pete Holmes Show

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  • contrabardus

    Fun Fact:

    Sir Arthur Conan Doyle used the wrong word for what Sherlock does.

    The observation techniques he primarily uses are actually called “abduction” not “deduction”.

    By the time someone corrected Sir Doyle, he had already published multiple books and just went with it, misinforming the public at large about the difference between them and popularizing the misuse of “deduction” to this day.

    Deduction is making a conclusion based on widely accepted facts. Saying that all numbers ending in 0 or 5 are divisible by 5 is deductive reasoning.

    Induction is making conclusions based on observations to reach a probable conclusion that is not necessarily objective. Seeing numerous people eating a particular sandwich from a particular shop, and you could induce that the sandwich likely tastes good and might decide that you would like to try one yourself.

    Abduction is piecing together a conclusion based on examining evidence. Forensic police work is based on abduction. It is what we see him attempting to do in this video.

    Sherlock Holmes doesn’t actually use deductive reasoning to solve crimes.

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