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Scrubs called out Chiropractors years ago

Scrubs called out Chiropractors years ago

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  • HetElfdeGebod

    My partner used to suffer from severe muscle tension in one shoulder, to the point that she would be visibly lopsided and in crippling pain. Her witch-doctor chiro would manipulate and crack her neck to “fix” the problem, the root cause of which which he “diagnosed” as being in the neck area. I eventually convinced her to see a proper doctor, who correctly diagnosed the problem as her body overcompensating for one leg being significantly shorter than the other. One set of orthotics is all it took to completely eradicate her crippling shoulder pain

  • Grandviewsurfer

    It’s crazy that we allow people to pretend their professions are real because we are afraid of any amount of awkwardness.

  • byggetborgen

    Not too long ago, I had a female, rather young patient presenting with blurred vision on one side, with a strange vibrating sensation when turning her head one way. She had gotten her neck manipulated by a chiropractor regularly over the past month. What she got out of it was a dissection of the carotic artery with an acompanying transitory iscemic stroke. No way i’m letting people dear to me pay for that stuff. Source: Am a medical resident (MD).


    I’ve always hated them for the sole reason that they call what they do “chiropractic”. It just seems like improper English.

  • artificiallight4464

    My cousin is married to a chiropractor and it’s downright ridiculous the claims he’s made over the years.

    Immune system weak? You need an adjustment.

    Have constant bad gas? Need an adjustment.

    Your vision is blurry? Better crack that back and neck a whole bunch.

    He is also fervently anti-vaccine and has turned my cousin in to one as well. When the COVID vaccine discussion came up at a family gathering he said “no way I’m putting anything weird like that in my body”. The funny part is he regularly gets these hormone patches or something from an online “pharmacy” that is not in the US (where we are) because they aren’t approved here or almost anywhere from the sounds of it.

    So he basically goes to the dark web to get this crap and he trusts it because “mainstream media and big pharma don’t want you to know these things will fix a lot of your regular issues”.

  • Wisdomlost

    Everytime I mention chiropractors not actually being doctors and instead being soulless snake oil salesmen I get downvoted hard. I still say it everytime. It’s not just not science it’s nonsense.


    On 24 April 2015, Andrew Wakefield received two standing ovations from the students at Life Chiropractic College West.

    Should tell you all you need to know about chiropractors.

  • seanbrockest

    My wife came to me yesterday wanting to show me a YouTube video about “this amazing guy who can fix infections and all kinds of things just by cracking your joints and spine!”

    I normally try to be polite when explaining these assholes, but that time I wasn’t.

  • yukpurtsun

    Its crazy now the new trend is chiropractors for dogs… youre telling me these non doctors are suddenly experts on human and animal anatomy?

  • Benjamin_F_Pierce

    I have a two month old baby and whenever I go on to any parenting blogs or forums it is absolutely insane how often people recommend taking the baby to a chiropractor. Like seriously, WTF?!

  • Pieintheskyman

    Why does chiropractors have fan boys? You see them all over this thread pulling out weird and thin excuses on why chiropractors are such the best thing ever.

  • Jacckx

    My Cousin was crippled for life by a Chiropractor.. it’s absolute bullshit and people who do it are nothing more than modern day snake oil sellers. How the hell can they run around calling themselves Doctor? Who allowed that? FiFA?

  • mooseAmuffin

    A chiropractor broke the neck of my cousin’s ex boyfriend during an adjustment.

    I also had a friend’s sister have a stroke after going to the chiropractor. The manipulations can form blood clots from trauma to the arteries.

    I know getting adjusted by a chiropractor is helpful in reducing pain but it will never fix the underlying problem. Just get a medical grade massage instead. It is Not worth the risk.

  • noxpost

    I’ve got good news for you. Whatever you came in for, they can fix it in 40 sessions over 13 weeks, followed by 40 sessions over 20 weeks, followed by once a week for as long as your money lasts

  • cmil7731

    How on earth did chiropractors get to claim the title “Dr”?? Surely legit doctors / professional bodies can show it’s a fraudulent claim or something and get it to stop? Blows my mind!

  • Crunkbutter

    Lol, I used to work in health insurance and this clerk from a chiropractor’s office called to ask why we didn’t cover the MRI that “Doctor” Spinefucker ordered. I said, “Well we can only covered MRIs when they’re ordered by a medical doctor.” She started arguing that chiropractors were doctors, so I pulled up the website for their clinic and read off the chiro’s qualifications.

    Me: “See? I’m on your website right now. She did 4 years at an arts school for chiropractic and holistic medicine.”

    Her: “… So you’re not going to cover the MRI?!”

    Me: “Not unless it’s ordered by a doctor.”

    She hung up on me.

  • BhaltairX

    I grew up in Germany. Chiropractors didn’t exist there. I always thought that’s what Physical therapists are called in the US, until I realized that those exist here as well. Still don’t understand why they exist. But then I still don’t understand why contractors don’t need any training or degree to become licensed, or why people follow a political party like it’s a religion.

  • RealMudflapper

    I’m a skeptic with just about everything, but I can’t say I’ve seen or heard any horror stories for chiros. Then again, I wasn’t purposely looking.

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