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Say what you want about Cyberpunk 2077, but you gotta admit that the graphics are gorgeous sometimes

Say what you want about Cyberpunk 2077, but you gotta admit that the graphics are gorgeous sometimes

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  • Regime_Change

    It’s a great game that suffered from insane hype and expectations, because the CDPR promised too much. There were problems at launch but I played the game at launch and never encountered game-breaking bugs. It was mostly insane NPC behavior. There are issues, it’s not the holy grail of video games that was promised, but it’s still a great game. I’d rate it 8/10, could easily be a 9 if they made it more balanced. When I played, some powers, playstyles and weapons were very overpowered compared to the rest.

  • professorBonghitz613

    I agree. The art direction sometimes made me stop and take it all in.

    Too bad good art doesn’t fix a flawed UI and abysmal story telling/pacing.

  • Jaiden_Baer

    While I enjoy the game, I find something about graphics too harsh for my eyes. Maybe lights are too bright or something like that. Can’t really play it for too long. But other than that, it’s a fantastic game. I’m holding back from starting second playthrough before the DLC is released.

  • StressTree

    The cope-hate for this game is insane people are just unwilling to admit that the game is good now, it’s like cancel culture for video games

  • PilotSaysHello

    >but you gotta admit that the graphics are gorgeous sometimes *in isolated areas* FTFY

    Don’t get me wrong it looks gorgeous sometimes but there are areas in this game that look really, really bad. More specifically the bordering area of Watson and Westbrook.

    The game suffers from some heavy light leakage, and a weird AO solution. Obviously Ray Tracing fixes that but if you aren’t running it then inner city areas can look really weird.

    That and screen space reflections are grainy as hell unless you bump it up to Psycho.
    Also forgot to mention their volumetrics are still broken on street lights so there’s that too.

    If you’ve got the power it looks great, even without. So yeah, sometimes.

  • CapN_DankBeard

    honestly after I preordered it i didnt play it for almost a full year. They did a buttload of updating and patches.

    I had a great time playing this game.

  • Sabbathius

    Yup, one of the best uses of ray tracing I’ve seen. Visuals and audio in this game were top notch. Unfortunately everything else was somewhere between average and total garbage. It also didn’t help that the length of the main quest, and quality of the side quests, and the storytelling were all a very sharp drop compared to Witcher 3. Even if CDPR didn’t lie their butts off about the game, and didn’t pull bait-and-switch on us with dicks on character creator while forcing underwear on us the entire game, that expectation from Witcher 3 would have been enough for it to get pretty negative reception.

    But visually it was definitely a feast. I just got my 30xx series Nvidia literally days before the game launched, and the visuals blew my mind with ray tracing on.

    I’m kinda sad they abandoned it though. The original plan was to do a multiplayer (or co-op?) spinoff a year after launch. I’m guessing they were planning to use those same visual assets. And I would have been fine with it. If they made something like The Division, but with those visuals and assets, I would have played the shit out of it in co-op. They put so much effort in those visuals, only to waste it all. By the time next Cyberpunk gets made, it’ll be outdated and useless. But they could have followed up with a spinoff within 2-3 years of launch and would have been fine.

  • asapsanch0

    I’m thinking about buying the game for the PS5, I bought it at release for the PS4 but it was legit unplayable. What do you guys think ? Will I have fun ?

  • Assassin_by_Birth

    To me good graphics do not make a great game.

    The game was a major disappoint to me. Others can like it, and I’m allowed to despise it.

  • SomehowGonkReturned

    Cyberpunk was the worst thing ever because it was broken on day 1 and fixed pretty quickly.

    I’m gonna go play Skyrim which is still broken on day 4093.

  • wjmacguffin

    Okay, I’ll say what I want.

    I love this game! The voice acting is good, the plot and main missions are great, the graphics are detailed and fun, and the city feels alive.

    There’s no excuse for releasing the hot garbage like they did at the beginning, but at least the game itself is a joy to play.

  • Initial_Welcome9052

    Honestly the only thing wrong with the game was the hype and release date. The artists that created it are amazing. A+ for graphics, music and story.

  • Eh_Yo_Flake

    Doctored screenshots of most games look nice.

    I don’t think Cyberpunk looks good in motion – the high concept of a neon city does not translate well once you are at ground-level, and the frankly jarring behaviour of npcs and how the world reacts (or doesn’t react) to your presence is distracting.

  • cooldanch

    I’ve seen this exact location in screenshots on the sub like 3 times this month lol it looks great but find a new spot to impress me people!

  • Nikolai-King-of-Ash

    I think you’ll find that people repeat this sentiment about twice a month and then fail to say anything else, like how the game was a steaming mess and is still an extremely shallow RPG with bad design choices across the board.

    If you want to treat it like a shooter, the gunplay is mediocre and the weapons themselves largely suck with a few exceptions. If you want to treat it like a open world crime again, the police are teleporting assholes and crime is pointless unless a mini quest tells you to do it.

    The game only excels at linear narrative, music and visuals, and by golly it does excel…but that’s all it’s got.

  • Help_An_Irishman

    It’s also just a great game, save for the disastrous console launch.

    I played on PC on day one and didn’t have any problems at all. Loved it.

  • PonchoHobo

    Look forward to when someone will update me that the game is finally at a stage where it’s receiving no mor major patches. Still consider it as a work in progress game.

  • Swordofsatan666

    I took a screenshot in game that ended up becoming my Xbox background because it came out so good.

    It was actually a photo somewhat similar to this one, being a landscape shot of the city from one of the outer edges of the city. But mine was near the Cemetary area and has some more Greenery in it from the small amount of bushes and trees nearby. Its the side where theres the Hologram-Ads floating in the sky, instead of just neon lights like this one

  • Strikox

    I want to add that the game is one of the best ever solo game I’ve ever played. And the “3 NPC’s and 4 bugged cars” critics can go wank themselves. Yes it was a horrendous release but the state of the game now is awesome.

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