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Rennervations | Official Trailer

Rennervations | Official Trailer

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  • Owasso_Landman

    Ok so celebrities making shows from puns on their names. Who’s next?

    Johnny Depp “Deppositions” about pre court hearings.

    Leo Decaprio “DeCap’tin of this Ship” Pirate reality show

    Angela Bassett “Bassett Hound Trainers”

  • FailedChatBot

    I like this.
    It’s kinda like Pimp my Ride and Myth Busters had a baby, and most importantly it keeps Jeremy Renner from acting, which is a complete win for everyone.

  • urridium

    It’s good to see people do good deeds, BUT that “i hope this demonstrates how easy it is to make a giant difference in peoples lives” line just does not sit well with me. Dude, you’re a millionare. For you it’s easy to buy a bus caravan, move those busses around the world and pimpmyride them into waterfiltration stations. Never mind that the one bus you leave in where-ever, is not going to make that big of a difference. Making a difference would take years and years of hard work and even then it could amount to nothing.

    Good for him and good for good deeds, but it’s just a tv show.

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