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Rare Early version of The Lost World (1997), 4K 35mm film trailer, flat 1.17 ratio

Rare Early version of The Lost World (1997), 4K 35mm film trailer, flat 1.17 ratio

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  • UnbuiltIkeaBookcase

    If that’s not Zimmer’s music I don’t know who else it would be. Now I want a full Jurassic score by Zimmer!

  • BurbankCinemaClub

    Also, would love to check out the original Jurassic Park in this format if anyone has a link they could DM me.

  • Mulchpuppy

    Did anyone here see the teaser version of this trailer in a strobe light-equipped auditorium? Apparently back in 1997 Universal had special light kits installed in theaters that flashed with the lightning…

  • johnnychan81

    In my head Jeff Goldblum was always super old but he looks young and spry here. Or maybe I’m just getting old

  • sakipooh

    It’s funny that they used the same trailer score from the first ever teaser of Jurassic Park (I think it’s music from Backdraft) especially since they already had the theme from John Williams.

    Perhaps they just use that Backdraft score as filler until the final music is chosen.

  • tapomirbowles

    I wonder where people get these 35mm open matte versions from… I am pretty sure I have seen whole movies where there was an open matte version.

    Do they come on some crazy edition DVD´s or Bly-Rays we mortals don’t have access to or something?

  • Vince_Clortho042

    I’m not sure how “rare” this is; it’s literally the first teaser trailer and played in front of a ton of films back in late 1996/early 1997. The only noteworthy thing here is because it’s a scan of the 35mm film, most of the trailer is in Super35 open matte format (that would get cropped by the projectionist; notice how all the VFX shots in the trailer are in the final film’s 1.85 aspect ratio).

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