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Quest Markers

Quest Markers

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  • Lopoi

    Ive been playing through all the zelda games, and I really enjoy find secrets on my own without any mark. I mean some are kinda obvious with a cracked wall, but others are quite hidden

  • SurealGod

    In some games, you can turn off quest markers and such.

    I don’t normally do it but if I ever feel like upping the difficulty the option is sometimes there

  • TransientMovement

    And yet it’s also true that many players will have those features and still not be able to figure out where to go. I think a lot of folks just get tunnel vision playing games, especially more casual players. You can have a map, a compass with markers on it, a quest log, and people *will* get lost.

  • BurpYoshi

    Eh as soneone with limited time due to a job I appreciate not only being able to do just one minor quest per session because I’m just wandering around lost and annoyed.

  • Spy_man1

    And the second you enter either you’re thrown into a combat encounter or you enter a cutscene where your character gets beaten by the people you killed 50 of your n the way there

  • Ponceludonmalavoix

    Now the Elden Ring version: Same first panel, 2 empty panels after it and in the fourth panel the player says “wait, that was a quest?”

  • TangerineWaves

    I would prefer an option to toggle it off/on. I can see the appeal, but it is not for me. Personally, I prefer quest markers, because I really do not enjoy walking around aimlessly for half an hour based on vague clues. I play games for story, not puzzle solving.

  • Delta4o

    I remember in fable 2 and 3 there was this breadcrumb system that had basically glued my eyes to the ground. It was only during the third playthrough that I started to look around the world and see how tall everything was.

    I don’t know what it is, some games just do quest markers better than others…

  • OnlyGrimLeader

    If your game doesn’t have quest markers it should either auto save important bits to a journal for quick reference or allow a player written notebook for stuff like that. All the Souls games are a good example, keeping track of where you need to go is borderline impossible if you can’t play the game for a couple days.

  • AlternativeTone4950

    My take is that it make ls sense for
    them to give as much info as the PC should logically have. If you have a map, an NPC can logically point out the location on your map. If they’re not sure, make it a circle that tells you the general area. If you’re searching a room for clues, you shouldn’t know in advance where they are.

  • MrHazard1

    Loved the old classic wow. “Leave town to the west. Turn right after the big tree” is this tree the big one? I’ll keep looking for a bigger one.

    I heard morrowind was also good, but never came to play it

  • porpetones

    I mean, if the quest is just “Find My Shovel” and that’s just it, I prefer that the game doesn’t waste my time and just point to where it is.

  • TheFlyngLemon

    I’ve got a wife and a baby girl. I don’t get much time to game these days. When I do, I sure don’t want to spend 15 minutes investigating where a shovel might be in a side quest. I love quest markers for that reason. Now with that being said, I completely understand how people with more time than myself would rather have the marker.

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