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Phoenix Rising | Official Trailer | HBO

Phoenix Rising | Official Trailer | HBO

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  • vladtud

    I love Evan Rachel Wood but I’m never able to watch these types of documentaries. They’re certainly important and I’m glad they’re being made but they’re also traumatic and difficult to watch.

  • Gh0stMan0nThird

    There hasn’t even been a trial yet, people. And the judges denied Manson’s legal team’s requests to dismiss the lawsuits on the grounds of statue of limitations. This is an ongoing situation, and nobody has been convicted of anything yet.

    I understand Reddit hates giving people due process if they’re someone they disagree with or someone they *feel* is guilty, but that’s not how it should work.

    This “documentary” is literally just about people making accusations for civil cases that haven’t even happened yet.

  • Czarcasm21

    An ex-girlfriend of mine would routinely receive nude pictures – and occasionally videos – from Hugh Warner (Marilyn Manson’s dad), after meeting them backstage before a concert only once.

    And by “routinely”, I mean every few months, for years after their one-time encounter. We usually just laughed it off, but it was definitely creepy.

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