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Phil Dunphy is The Godfather – Modern Family

Phil Dunphy is The Godfather – Modern Family

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  • ymcameron

    This and the “I wish that tart would go back to Col(o/u)mbia and take her weird little Brown friend with her” scene are most two favorite bits in the whole show.

  • CertainAlbatross7739

    So many of my favourite sitcoms had one character that never failed to make me laugh, no matter how mediocre the rest of it sometimes became. Titus Andromedon, Ross Geller, Donna Meagle, Alexis Rose…

    Phil Dunphy kept me watching Modern Family, well past its sell by date.

  • wicktus

    Loved that scene. Modern Family, watched the whole seasons, whilst some seasons felt less good than early seasons, it’s definitely a good sitcom and enjoyed the whole 11 seasons.

    Of course some things I did not like, for instance I found Alex Dunphy’s character development to be very pretentious in the last seasons whereas she always had that sweet emotional and intellectual balance in early seasons.

    But overall I’d recommend anyone who’s seeking a sitcom to watch it, there are tons of good episodes spread on the whole 11 seasons.

  • THEderfiddler

    My roommate would have this show on as his background noise. I was not a fan at first cause Fox + “comedy” usually = hot pile of trash. But damnit if this one didn’t grow on me. This show is fantastic, top to bottom, top talents involved at every step. Early seasons are better, but it never falls off and ends strong after a fuck ton of seasons.

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