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People falling in to the water because they think this is a gravel road.

People falling in to the water because they think this is a gravel road.

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  • BonkyStabby

    “People keep falling in the water thinking it’s a gravel road. Maybe we should do something?”

    “Put one sign there. Anywhere, just one though”

  • dingo1018

    I once saw a dog run into a huge pond that looked like a grass field, later I saw another dog about to do the exact same thing so I tossed a stick I had ready to throw for another dog right about in the centre of this pond and the dog stopped in its tracks clearly confused and at that moment about 15 dogs just appeared from everywhere and dove into this pond from every angle, then more dogs 😄 and then all the owners pissed cos they’d been walking well away from this pond and now they all had stinky wet dogs covered in thousands of tiny green leaves. That was a good day.

  • GuyWithCanon

    It’s supposed to be an art piece. The artist who made it is now furious that a sign is placed and 12(!) more will be placed.

  • Socratov

    Even worse, the municipality and companies surrounding it want to place railings and such, but since the kind is a work of art and the artist disallowed it it remains dangerous.

  • _Paulboy12_

    Why are stairs leading to the water? Why is the sign IN the water? They really work on making it look real. I bet they have cameras there just to laugh at people that fall in.

  • Likes-Your-Username

    The worst part is that there’s steps down to it and the water is level with the edge… It isn’t very deep it seems but would it kill them to not make it look like a curb

  • Quirky_Ad3367

    This is such a shitty design. Put a guard rail on the edges, or some signs with actual purpose. Or some rubber ducks for crying out loud.

  • Lolabird2112

    Had this happen with my 2 dogs. Even though we’d walked by this canal a zillion times, my stupid staffie walked straight out. Having never been in water before, when she resurfaced she proceeded to doggy paddle backwards *away from me* like a giant, terrified prawn.

    Then, Lou, my Jack Russell- in high dudgeon as always when Eddie acts like a prat- decided to walk over to give her a piece of his mind, and…Being fat, he didn’t even swim, just bobbed away like a deflated soccer ball.

    With Eddie now doing circles just out of reach and Lou about to float off into the tide, I’d just accepted that humiliation was the only way to rescue my morons – hot tip: don’t wear a white dress for a dogwalk – when a gangly knight of well over 6’ & arms to match lay down next to me and managed to scoop both of them out by their stupid scruffs.

    My hero.

  • Fit_General7058

    It had to be yhe Netherlands, never a barrier or railing on canal paths in busy conurbation..

    It’s where you learn to be vigilant or pay the price

  • Prophet_Of_Loss

    They have this new thing called “a railing”. This amazing invention let’s people know that the area beyond is probably not a designated footpath.

  • ryancementhead

    Some are saying it’s an art piece, some say it’s not. I’ve read so many solutions like better signs and railings. But no one suggested cleaning out the duckweed so it looks like water. Is there a reason why they don’t clear out the duckweed? Genuinely curious.

  • rimalp


    This is in Utrecht, Netherlands. “The sunken ship”. And it’s been there since 1993.

    The issue is that all the duckweed started to grow recently, which is not part of the installation. It’s green normally, gets red under stress (cold).

    The city should rather fix the weed problem instead of putting up stupid signs that were not neccessary for the past 30 years.

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