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Penguins from the Shedd Aquarium marvel at the Titanosaur while visiting the Field Museum.

Penguins from the Shedd Aquarium marvel at the Titanosaur while visiting the Field Museum.

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  • Spartan2470

    According to [here]( (that also has video of this):

    > By Suzy Weiss
    July 13, 2020

    > Two penguins went on a date night at the museum.

    > The Shedd Aquarium, which recently reopened in Chicago after months of closure due to the coronavirus pandemic, has been delighting animal lovers from home with videos of their birds waddling around the wildlife habitat.

    > Now, two of the adorable critters have broken out from their aquatic campus.

    > Penguin pair Izzy and Darwin recently spent some time cruising around Chicago’s Field Museum of Natural History, reconvening with some long lost prehistoric relatives: SUE the T. rex and Máximo the Titanosaur. The bonded birds are Magellanic penguins, a South American species, related to dinosaurs like SUE, going back 66 million years according to the bio-experts.

    > Previously, penguins Edward and Annie have visited tanks holding Southeast Asian species at their local Shedd Aquarium, while their pal Wellington looked at tetra fish and ones from the Amazon. Other activities the animals have indulged in while museum-goers wait out the pandemic at home: otters Kiana and Yaku cooled down on a pile of ice, and Annik, a dolphin, celebrated his first birthday.

    > According to Shedd, the Field Museum will be reopening in the coming weeks to accommodate human guests as well.

  • clickx3

    Oh how I hated this museum growing up in the Chicago burbs. Every year we had to go with our class in the school bus. They gave us notebooks and pencils and made us do a report on something each year and then take a test afterwards. I just wanted to go and wander around, but no. I appreciated nothing.

    So one year a friend of mine and I snuck off from the rest of the class. We looked at whatever we wanted and wandered around like exploring idiots do. Then we got lost, and afraid. This place is huge! Eventually, we were found at the stuffed man eating lions from that famous movie.

    I would love to go back now that there are no more tests and things look much smaller after having grown up. I now appreciate everything.

  • Fthewigg

    After watching The Ghost and the Darkness I learned the remains of those lions are there at Field. They also have another maneating lion’s remains there. Kinda weird.

  • Ooh-Rah

    In grade school, it was the thing to take annual field trips to the aquarium and Field Museum. They don’t make ’em like that out here in the west.

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