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Pay awhile & listen.

Pay awhile & listen.

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  • EpicBlueDrop

    They’re even self aware of how greedy they are. Amazing. At this point they don’t even care if everyone knows it.

  • purefilth666

    You know what’s funny I believe the biggest reason they’re getting all this backlash is because they put it on PC, where those players are much less likely to fall for the tactics they push. The irony is they put it on PC to reduce backlash from their core fans but I think ultimately that’s their demise because the mobile gaming market is a whole different landscape with who may not be as informed as the rest of the player base on consoles and PC.

  • geldonyetich

    All these /r/gaming threads about Diablo Immoral’s ridiculous gatcha have moved it from a game I didn’t even know was released to something that I am genuinely curious to play. Is it *that* fun that people would want to spend that much money in it?

  • Thin-Ad-4577

    Got to paragon, wave of anger and detest came over… deleted immoral, start up d2 thinking maybe I just need some nostalgia this morning, let’s go back to the basics…

    Play for one min, can’t unsee the laziness and irony of playing a remastered game and getting duped again… uninstall d2r.. lie in bed and cry, I’m so sorry Diablo, look at what they did to my boy

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