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Parisians rioting against pension reform.

Parisians rioting against pension reform.

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  • InflamedLiver

    for all the shit people give the French for being cowards, nobody stands up against thier own government like the French.

  • nameExpire14_04_2021

    I need this version of emily in paris…*

    *Edit : combining the two things (including theme and tone) would make something i would be curious to see, a sort of frankenstein’s monster of shows.

  • GeebusNZ

    I mean, yeh, doi. The protesters were like “We’re many. Don’t do it.” The response was “How ’bout I do anyway?” Naturally, riots follow.

  • Low-Entertainment343

    If there’s one thing that’s consistent about the French, fuck around and find out has always been their motto

  • Barrayaran

    Macron’s increasing retirement age by **2 years**, from 62 to 64.

    Meanwhile in the USA, some GOP Congresspeople are advocating raising Social Security age to **70** rather than raise taxes on the top 1%. The rest of the GOP is playing semantic games to pretend that’s a lie made up by Demoncrats and Lamestream Media. And nothing’s on fire in my city, at least.

    I’m seriously wondering at the different reactions.

  • Tethros

    These riots are over the increase in pension eligible age from 62 to 64. Nothing kicks off a violent insurrection like telling the French that they’ll have to work more.

  • SuperLeroy

    Man, this tweet was prescient

    Cormac McCarthy (parody)
    I am not a superstitious man. I dont believe in astrology or witchcraft or especially groundhog day. There are far more prescient heralds of winter’s end than a groundhog.

    Riots in France, for one.

    The French never riot in winter. They riot only in good weather.

    You can always tell winter’s done and spring’s begun when the French are burning cars.

    1:58 PM · Mar 7, 2023

  • Bamatoi

    This need context:

    Disclamer : I’m french and ( like most) against this reform

    What: this reform is raising the MINIMUM (<- this word is important) retirement age and was passed by force by our current gouvernement ( ie: no vote from parlement)

    Most french currently retire at 65-66, 62 is not the norm here! The minimum retirement age is aimed at physical laborers if they have worked from 20 to 62 without any interruption (ie unemployement) those people due to their work have a lower life expectancy and lingering health issues due to their work. Even now a significant pourcentage of them die before retirement.

    This reform is discriminatory against them, they paid their whole life to get a pension and will most likely die before their contribution being paid back entirely ( pension made a “profit”). On the other end you have high paying jobs with much longer life expectancy retirering at 65-67, their pension is higher and will need to be paid longer as they live longer( the pension fund most likely paid back more than it received). As an engineer myself i have no problem working longer if our system runs at a deficit, i’m not wrecking my body sitting all day in the office, getting well payed and can enjoy more a more expensive lifestyle.

    This reform only target the poorest of our workers to solve a problem they didn’t cause, the fact that this reform is getting pushed forward by circumventing the voting process is the cherry on top of the shitcake.
    This is why the french are currently protesting , not because we want sunshine and rainbows like some suggest but because the method to solve the issue is discriminatory.

    Edit: Obligatory thanks for the award and a little info avout the divide in life expectancy. According to INSEE (national institute of statistics) there is a 13 YEARS difference between the top 5% and the bottom 5%
    Source (in french, ready your translator!) :

    Edit 2: Some did correct me about the average retirement age, in this post i was refering to the retirement age for the current workforce as the previous reform increased the number of quarter needed but only for those who were not close to retirement. The current “new retierees” are still on the old system and can leave sooner thx to this “agrement” ( it was also impopular). The less time you had in the old system, the longer you have to work this also mean that the median retirement age is rising if left alone.

  • boleynbubble

    As a British person I am soooo envious of the French, the uk needs a big and consistent response to what our government has done to us

  • OrianeOhPepette

    Parisians have an itchy trigger finger when it comes to protesting and rioting… it’s in their DNA. It’s more than french people rioting, it’s parisians. That’s what they’ve been doing for a long time. Us living in smaller cities and villages, obviously we can’t. But Paris can organize so quickly to fck sh*t up, it’s amazing.

    Macron won’t give up but they’ll keep fighting i hope.

  • iamnotasheep

    Key clarification that most people and media are missing – in France the retirement age is based on your years of being ‘economically active’. Macron is proposing to increase this to 43 years but with a minimum retirement age of 64. For those who went to university (some courses e.g engineering you have to do two years of ‘preparatory class’ before your 3 years at university) this then increases to age 68, and lord help you if you took a career break at some point.

  • MichNeko

    I wish I could get some french rioters to help here in Israel.

    Our government is trying to take away any power the supreme court has so they can pass whatever law they want and the riots are super civil.

    I swear if that fucking “reform” is gonna pass I’mma learn from the French and will go light some stuff up.

  • the-ish-i-say

    As an American I can say that one thing I am very jealous of is the ability of European peoples, especially Parisians, to come together and fuck shit up to get a point across. Their union strikes really make me jealous as well.

  • verboze

    As an American, it’s interesting to me that what I see in the media of French rioting is often about social welfare for the working class, and keeping the power balance; I contrast that to here, where the major riots are often about things like racism, police brutality, external wars, but never about the root of the societal problem in my opinion, which is financial disparity between the rich and the poor.

  • QuarkArrangement

    Coming from a Brit the whole “French are Corwards” thing is the most blatant insecure projection. Our government is currently passing new laws making it illegal to protest peacefully and detaining protestors. They already agreed to raise the retirement to 68 without so much as a whimper from the public. When energy companies absolutely fisted us with increases well in excess of 150% the French saw theirs go up by 5%. Our government took out massive loans to pay the energy companies and subsidise their greed. The interest alone on those loans are eye watering. At the same time France swiftly slapped energy companies with a windfall tax and used that to subsidise the energy increases.

    It’s not that the French government is competent and cares about the people, the French public have a spine and force their government to serve them.

    Every time I hear some chav chat shit about the French it induces pure cringe.

  • Aramis444

    Honestly, this is actually pretty healthy. Whenever the government does something everyone hates, they all just start destroying shit and getting outraged like crazy. Usually the government backs down and the French are better off as a result.

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