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Our campsite had this posted in all the stalls

Our campsite had this posted in all the stalls

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  • jereman75

    I was camping in Yosemite years ago, not in The Valley proper but in one of the campsites in the west side of the park. Very full and busy campground. I walked in the the bathroom and saw a hand at the bottom of the stall smearing shit on the stall wall. It was so disturbing to me my brain did not even know how to respond. I just turned around and went back to camp, pissed on a tree and told my wife I needed to be alone with my thoughts for a while. Ii can’t comprehend the human mind that would do that.

  • Nonstampcollector777

    Should threaten to expose them if they do it again.

    Then again, if they actually knew who it was why would they even give them another chance?

  • mistmanners

    I don’t know why people do this, but as an ex-kindergarten teacher I can attest that 5-year-olds do drop deuces on the floor and also fill up the small trash bin with pee. The one I caught doing it time and again was a boy. I assume also it was the boys filling up the trash bin. I almost went out of my mind trying to figure out why he was doing it since it really was only one kid out of many. It only takes one to make life miserable for the rest of us.

  • squirrelybitch

    I had a friend who was caring for a woman with dementia. She would seriously take great pleasure in taking her poop and rolling it up into balls and placing it in a row along the railing of the safety rail of the hospital bed that was in her room for my friend to clean up. My friend said she would have this really nasty smile on her face after she had done it, and that it was clearly done on purpose when she was lucid.

  • ben_od1

    We had two guys at work who did this. They lived at home and their mothers still did their laundry and cleaned their room. They were 23 and 28. They even did it in the customer restroom next to the conference room where we had sales meetings. Not a good look when a new vendor or existing goes into the bathroom and it’s covered in shit.

  • Pale-Prize-4802

    Ok, I gotta say something. 20 years running a janitorial business. That shit happens. I hate the obvious intentional people…children that can’t help it are forgiven. I place all blame on parenting…but teens and adults?? They have a special place in hell waiting for them 😐

  • 8FaarQFx

    At a popular campground, the maintenance crew had a bet each week on who will get the worst cleanup. Sunday morning they found one of the bathrooms with poop on the ceiling. Like wth?! Who does that? I just don’t get it. Well, recently there was a family breaking the “no open fire” rule. They didn’t like that. Before they left, poop was smeared all over the place in two separate bathroom buildings. These people should be institutionalized.

  • Vtastical

    Had to deal with one of these people before. I even came face to face with her. She left her purse in the restroom of a retail store I was managing. Someone took everything out of it and left the purse. She blamed one of my cashiers, someone who hadn’t been away from the front of the store in the hour this all happened. She went back to the bathroom again before finally giving up and leaving. When I went back there just before closing she had dumped the trash on the floor, and shat all over the handicap stall. I mean everywhere. Floor, walls, door, the rails made to help someone balance/get up, the entire toilet, even the fucking sanitary product trash bin. One of the worse days of my life.

  • 38563856

    We used to have this problem with a customer using our washroom. Turns out he had an ostomy bag and in trying to clean it, he was making a mess everywhere. He wasn’t doing it on purpose, he just wasn’t cleaning up after making the mess.

  • TheGreenGent22

    My step father has lung cancer and the chemo makes him have diarrhea. I go in after him and it’s not only on him and his pants and socks, but the floor, all over the toilet seat.
    I clean up after him and I know it’s not his fault. But people wonder how it’s possible and I’m telling you it is!

    Why the person isn’t cleaning it tho is beyond me.

  • cleverdylanrefrence

    I work in a restaurant where during lunch a lot of old people like to come and eat. On more than one occasion an old person has shit their pants while at the table and dropped poop nuggets out of their pant leg on the way to the bathroom. multiple times ya’ll.

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