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Orwell’s Final Warning “Don’t let it happen. It depends on you.”

Orwell’s Final Warning “Don’t let it happen. It depends on you.”

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  • GrumpyAlien

    Sadly most people don’t understand we must push back at every right or freedom they try to take away. Instead, under pretence of emergency powers and fear mongering we believe the narrative and give our rights away because government is looking after us. Plot twist: it isn’t.

    They have fleeced us over and over. Governments like UK and US make huge profits by going to war or through pandemics. The more of us die, the less they pay on social security and so forth. Covid winding down? It’s ok, we fight Russia now.

    Support the troops? Nope. Support corporate greed and greased politicians. You get injured or severely changed forever in war and governments will avoid paying out.

    In 1965 Vietnam seemed like just another foreign war, but it wasn’t

    It was different in many ways, as so were those that did the fighting

    In World War II the average age of the combat soldier was twenty-six

    In Vietnam it was 19

    We. Learnt. Nothing.

  • TARDISeses

    The two actors in this incidently were in The Thick of It, and the guy portraying Orwell was done for possessing child pornography. Oof

  • iguessthatis

    Yeah! Let’s fight back against tyranny and oppression by the government! Let’s make sure varied opinions are heard and everyone has the right to speak their mind! Unless they’re protesting Covid restrictions in Ottawa, if people do that we should force them out of their jobs, freeze their bank accounts, imprison them, and slander them. We should allow the Prime Minister to enact provisions intended for war to squash these people for protesting! We should send police on horseback into the streets of the capital to trample elderly people for protesting Covid restrictions!

  • Enkaybee

    So many people are ready to say that we must fight this expansion of power and then whirl around on their heels and say “yeah but this time it’s a crisis so it’s okay.”

    Crisis is the *only* time they try to expand powers. It must *always* be fought.

  • night_dude

    ITT: People who don’t understand the difference between emergency public health measures and government repression.

    COVID restrictions are the ONLY decent, radical action any western neoliberal government has taken for years and y’all are too traumatised by everything else they’ve fucked up to know the difference. It’s understandable but sad af to watch.


    *1984* is fantastic but its only half of the picture imo, Aldous Huxley’s *Brave New World* is the other half.

    Orwell understood the stick but the carrot is used more often by rulers in the modern world and Huxley understood that.

    > “You rule with the brains and the buttocks, never with the fists.”

  • Bombocat

    To everyone bitching a out COVID mandates, we only need mandates because people refuse to do what’s right and wear the masks/get the shot. If government didn’t need to govern…well the world would be a lot different wouldn’t it? I agree, we shouldn’t need mandates. But you all were busy saying it didn’t exist or the flu was worse when masks were first brought up, then you pretended you couldn’t breathe in them, then they didn’t work, then they were actually more harmful than the virus, then the doctors were making it up and diagnosing people with covid for money (???), then they didn’t work, then china was to blame for this disease, then fauci was to blame, then masks didn’t work. Then we got to do the whole thing again with the vaccines. All the while ignoring how countries with inhabitants who wear masks and get vaccines and wash their hands are doing much much much better than we are with the pandemic.

    I’m not saying the government doesn’t shoulder any blame for being so wrong so often. But own your shit, grow up and at least learn how to read reality going forward

  • Most_Bedroom_3635

    Times of peace and prosperity, eventually render times of sloth, and laziness. Those times lead to birth of a weak populace, weak men create chaos. Which leads to atrocities, and horror. Which in turn breeds strong men, who then in return bring about peace. History shows this. By the way, not an actual quote, but close enough.

  • JackFisherBooks

    These are words worth heeding, no matter the year or the political situation. To date, 1984 is still my favorite novel. It’s a book that shows just how bad things can get if we let authoritarianism go to the utmost extremes. People love to claim their opponents are authoritarians, but rarely stop to consider what the endgame for their ideology might be. Orwell understood that. And I think we, as a people, need to understand that better.

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