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Original Pokemon Emerald and Leaf green price. The reproductions we’re 20$ for comparison

Original Pokemon Emerald and Leaf green price. The reproductions we’re 20$ for comparison

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  • GracefulGoron

    Pokémon fans don’t value money.
    See, $60 game with very specific content locked behind another $60 version, both with $30 DLC (each).

  • Jaycin_Stillwaters

    Pretty sure this is based on the fact that they don’t make them anymore but people still like them. Which means that the ones that are out there for sale are all that will ever be. So demand is high but supply is low. That means price increase.

    It sucks, because my favorite Pokemon game is soul silver and I’ve seen it for sale for like 250 bucks, but I understand it.

  • BCProgramming

    Yeah I stopped getting actual games for pretty much any older console ages ago. The prices are, IMO, completely unreasonable. I’ve more or less opted for flash carts and custom firmware instead for the most part.

  • erishun

    Yes. They are collectible. You can buy a counterfeit for less.

    Same with any collectible. You can generally buy a counterfeit version for less, but that’s not the point.

  • NoGrapefruit1269

    I was never a fan of Pokémon growing up but my grandparents knew I liked video games so they always suprised me with new games, I don’t think they understood to whole “console” concept so they would buy games for systems I did not even have. I never had any of the Gameboys.

    My Grandparents also knew about Pokémon and how popular they were with kids my age so if they seen a Pokémon game they bought it and “suprised” me with it. Since I wasn’t into Pokémon and didn’t have any Gameboys, when they gave me Gameboy Pokémon games I had no reason to open them so….. sitting in a controller storage unit with the rest of my gaming collection are unopened copies of all of the Gameboy Pokémon games.

  • gabesxoxo

    So you’re saying my original Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire cartridges that are lying around somewhere in my mum’s basement are worth something?

  • BlackeyeThe2nd

    And it means nothing.

    And it means *nothing*.

    One more time for those in the back:

    **Owning the original cartridge over a bootleg of a 20+ year old game means JACK DIDDLY SQUAT**

    I have multiple Pokémon games that are bootlegs because I refuse to shell out 2-3 times the original price of these games. Best part is that they’re indistinguishable to the originals other than having fresher, shinier cases. Hell, even the hack-checks of Pokémon Home a check-sites don’t detect that they’re different.

  • lRhanonl

    Remember guys, that just because something is being sold at a price, doesn’t mean people will buy it for that. You can find used emerald for 50 bucks

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