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One of them should’ve changed their name. Still confuses me to this day.

One of them should’ve changed their name. Still confuses me to this day.

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  • CoCityCreeper

    Lol it was as bad as when both the path of exile kids and the pillars of eternity kids decided they’d both just use PoE when talking online

  • Unagi776

    Outer Wilds came first but its name is less on the nose. Outer Worlds takes place on worlds in the outer reaches of space. Outer Wilds doesn’t really involve wilderness exactly, but anything more overt would spoil what Outer Wilds is going for.

    If they hadn’t released the same year, one of them would’ve probably changed. Stray Gods was originally announced as Chorus (being a musical game about greek myths) but changed because a different game by that name was shortly beforehand.

  • 10SB

    We just need a third one so we can have one of those low hanging fruit jokes about how “this Trilogy doesn’t make any sense”.

    You’ve explored the lands and space, now explore the ocean with Outer Waves.

  • PooperDuper2per

    I literally bought outer worlds thinking it was outer wilds and was super disappointed by it. Outer Worlds could have been a great game but it just feels so lifeless. I can’t put my finger on it. Outer Wilds is so great btw.

  • KungFuKennyStills

    An easy way to remember them is that The Outer Worlds is pretty good and Outer Wilds is one of the greatest games of all time

  • TheSpookyForest

    Outer worlds was solid. I don’t know anything about wilds, is it a puzzle game like myst or something? One of those survival games like subnautica? I can’t tell what it’s supposed to be but people in this thread seem to like it

  • Asuka-02-

    I just finished Outer Wilds last weekend, one of my favorite games ever. Layed 23 hours on that mofo in like 6 days lol.

    Currently working on the DLC.

    ***Outer Wilds Echoes of the Eye DLC spoilers***

    >!This ring world is pretty amazing, technically, and the dam breaking halfway through the cycle is such a neat touch not only in how cool it looks sending the wave through the ring but also in the way it interacts with the other world when you’re in it. Getting sucked out of the dream world and waking up in a flooded, tipped over tower is such a cool touch. I also just like 10 minutes ago realized how to not be woken up by the bells when in the dream and oh man that shits kinda dark lol.!<

  • BenFranklinsCat

    I follow the writer for Outer Wilds on Twitter and people were constantly mixing up the credits, but then she got an offer to write on the DLC for Outer Worlds and was like “well, now its easier to remember what I’m credited for”.

  • HomingJoker

    I told my friend to play outer wilds, and the next day he asked me what difficulty I played on and I was very confused until he streamed his game.

  • rubbery_anus

    I bought Outer Wilds by accident after a friend recommended The Outer Worlds to me, and it’s honestly the greatest mistake I’ve ever made.

    I know some people will think this is silly, but Outer Wilds is possibly my all-time favourite gaming experience, I can’t even begin to describe just how wondrous and magical it was to play. And the only experience that was even better was its absolute fucking incredible DLC, Echoes of the Eye.

  • Just_Eirik

    If you play through Outer Wilds, it will probably have a big impact on you and you’ll be able to tell them apart in your mind easily after that. It’s an amazing game!

    If you haven‘t looked up Outer Wilds yet, DON’T! Just play it! It’s so much better if you dont know anything about it. Even if you watch a “spoiler free” review, it is guaranteed to spoilers some stuff. It’s much better to discover it all for yourself.

  • DeprAnx18

    If you’re seeing this thread and it’s the first time you’ve heard of Outer Wilds do yourself a favor and stop reading. Go buy the game. It’ll change your life. I know that’s an absurd thing to claim for a game. But it will.

  • Mista_Maha

    Taking this opportunity to command you to play Outer Wilds. I have your family locked in my garage and I won’t let them out until you’ve played the greatest game ever made.

  • GhostEchoSix

    I did accidently buy Outer Wilds thinking it was Outer Worlds…I was excited that it was out and was just rushing to buy/download then play. Still didn’t notice when the title screen came up..finally noticed when the game looked nothing like it. I was so sad but laughed at myself for being too excited to not pay any attention.

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