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Old New Zealand beer ad showing the importance of Chivalry

Old New Zealand beer ad showing the importance of Chivalry

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  • MadnessAsMuse

    Chivalry is right. The term comes from a code of conduct followed by the Knights of Charlemagne’s Calvary paid to one another, the High Court, and noble service to the Emperor’s subjects.

    If your horse is going to shit everywhere you go and your behavior reflects the crown, you may as well be a gentleman about it.

  • catbal

    I live in Canada now but remember these ads so well from when I lived in NZ as a kid. We didn’t have Sky TV so we only got three channels (two when we lived by the lake) so we saw these ads a lot. I recall one where they diverted a train full of Speight’s using a railway switch.

    Sadly, I was too young to drink when I was there and have never had the chance to try Speight’s. I have managed to find some Steinlager locally, years ago, it was fun to finally try it after seeing the logo plastered all over NZ for years.

  • weedsport69

    This beer is fucking disgusting and Southern man culture sucks, they glorify being emotionally dead and uncommunicative. Sorry, I obviously still have trauma from living in the region in the early 2000s, I’m sure a lot has changed, I bet the beer still sucks though.

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