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Official Star Trek: Picard Season 2 Trailer

Official Star Trek: Picard Season 2 Trailer

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  • King_Allant

    Can’t wait to see more of the xenophobic new Federation and the continuing adventures of meek zombie golem Jay El™ and such compelling figures as sword man™, and my personal favorite, the impoverished, drug addicted, absent black mother that resents her rich old white boss despite the fact that Earth supposedly eliminated inequality, addiction, and, y’know, *money* generations prior. Love new Star Trek, such well conceived stories, so forward thinking.

  • chesterwiley

    I had been waiting 15+ years for post Voyager Star Trek when PIC season one was released. I quit watching after episode 3.

    The writing is awful and it has nothing to offer but memberberries. Even the memberberries aren’t done correctly, everyone brought back is mailing in their performance and can’t remember how to play their old character (except I saw a clip of Riker and he did ok I guess).

  • Protesisdumb

    God this looks so shit. Member earl grey, membrr guinan, member the borgqueen, member Q????
    Have these people even whatched a single episode of tng?

  • inksmudgedhands

    Didn’t like the first season at all. But Q and Guinan? Yeah, I am going to watch it. And de Lance has aged fantastically. He looks down right handsome as an older Q.

  • cwagz

    Strange New Worlds is really my last hope for anything Star Trek related. Bailed on Discovery and thought season 1 of Picard was not good. I just want episodic stories with maybe a little overarching plot, is that too much to ask??

  • osmlol

    I love how much hate this gets. I’ll enjoy it just as I did season 1. We won’t have Sir Patrick Stewart for much longer and I’m glad to see him on screen again as Picard.

  • Caleb35

    So, what people want to see the most are Picard, Q, and Guinan — and based on the trailer we’re mostly going to see everyone else instead — oh, and they’re on in Earth in the present instead of space in the future. Cool. Cool cool cool.

  • elister

    A Trek show worth watching, even though the first season had flaws. I love how naive Elnor is, adds a bit of comedy relief. Also like how 7 or 9 is a bad ass who doesn’t need to wear a sex costume.

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