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(OC) We are doing pics of our wives today? Here is mine, honeymoon in Barcelona. Taken on my phone.

(OC) We are doing pics of our wives today? Here is mine, honeymoon in Barcelona. Taken on my phone.

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  • HursHH

    This picture was my main goal for the trip to Barcelona. I had this on my mind the whole time. We found the dress the day before in a street shop and I knew it was perfect for this. The original dress I had planned for this shot was a red one that was a lot longer. I love how this dress framed her legs.

    The puddle was only half filled with water after the morning rain. So I used my water bottle to top it up to get this shot. Picture was taken with my Android phone by holding the phone upside down so that the camera was just an inch off the ground.

    The hardest part of taking this picture was waiting for the alleyway to clear of the people. It’s a pretty constant stream of people so it took 30 minutes of waiting until we could snap this. I have a couple other angles and poses too but this one is my favorite.

  • mayhemchaos

    I love that street one of my favorites in this fine city. However, I am sad to report that that crack in the pavement has been fixed.

  • grumpy_hedgehog

    Oooo, super jealous. My then-girlfriend and I planned a trip to Barcelona five years ago. We were going to fly into Paris, spend 3 days there, then take a train to Barcelona and spend 4 days there as well.

    And then those cheese-munching surrender monkeys at the French consulate denied her visa application because we’d be spending one extra night in Spain over France. Just like that, didn’t even give her the option to simply adjust the itinerary or anything. Boom, denied, gtfo. By then it was too late to apply again or change anything.

    So we ended up going to China instead, where I proposed in one of the towers along the Great Wall 🙂 So we planned to go to Barcelona for our honeymoon but had to delay for green card reasons. Got that squared away, planned the trip again and then, boom, ‘Rona. And now we have a baby and we’re never gonna go.

    Barca don’t want us, mang :/

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