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[OC] Straight and to the point

[OC] Straight and to the point

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  • CaptMeatPockets

    Ha ha love it. I taught myself stick on a 1984 diesel Mercury Topaz. Man, stalling at a light and having to wait for the glow plugs to warm really helped me avoid stalling at all costs!

  • Explorer2004

    I have found that in teaching someone to drive a manual transmission vehicle, that it’s best to do it in a heavy duty truck, fairly new, and in a nice, open field! That, and have a good friend who is a mechanic standing by.

  • wiffleplop

    It’s weird to someone like me from the UK, as most of us learn stick shift or manual as we call it, right from the outset. It used to be just little old ladies that learned on automatics, although that’s probably changing now automatic boxes aren’t a hindrance. I wonder how the driving test will change once we’re all driving EVs?

  • Jaybleezie

    Good on them. My dad wouldn’t let me drive my automatic until I learned how to drive stick. He would put me in his car, roll down the driveway and engage the clutch before it rolled into the street. Sounds dangerous in theory but the road was very secluded.

  • ArmadilloAdvanced

    Good for them learning a dying art. I learned to drive manual by my dad in my 2010 Ford Ranger 4×4, I bought the truck for $7500 before knowing how to drive stick lol, was questioning myself.

  • F4il3d

    The first car I drove when I was 14 was my uncle’s old olds, it had three in the column. It was right after a snow storm and had to drive home from a party where my uncle had had far too much to drink. It was a matter of survival. I figure it was the lesser of two evils.

  • ftminsc

    There was a stop light at the top of a huge hill on the way to my high school in Topsham, Maine. Every single kid there has memories of being at that light and looking in the rear view and thinking “dude why are you so close!?”

  • Yah_Mule

    I learned on a stick and then never drove one again. Interfered with fucking with the radio; eating Double-Doubles; keeping doobs lit, etc.

  • Important_Afternoon4

    This person is in the really fun period, right before “getting it” where you’re no longer affected by the embarrassment.

    Stall in front at a light? Take your time, hit your flashers, shrug, wave some people around, and try again! And again!

  • RastafaRyStandsAlone

    My friend has one of these corollas and it is the smoothest engaging clutch I’ve ever used. Excellent car to learn stick on.

  • eaglescout1984

    This is for the drivers who get behind you at a red light on a hill and pull up right on your bumper. I’m very comfortable driving my car (stick shift), so I always try to roll back a few inches just to give those drivers a reminder not everyone has an automatic.

  • kinezumi89

    Man I could use a bumper sticker like that, maybe I should just make one lol. People are jerks, like sorry it takes me an extra second or two to come off the line, do you really need to honk at me after 0.2s

    I decided it wasn’t worth it so my level of driving a manual is stuck at “I know how it works on paper, in practice it’s another story” haha

  • mbrown7532

    I was living in Germany and had this girlfriend who refused to drive me to work after let’s say- spending the night. She literally threw her car keys at me and said “see you when you come back”. I didn’t know her car was a stick. Needless to say I came back .

  • s4lomena

    Only a YANK will call it ‘stick shift. LOL

    Learn to drive manual transmission’ – fixed that for you, pal. smh

    Oh, it’s roundabout and NOT ‘traffic circle’.

  • skovall

    I had to drive a stick for life to compensate for all the screaming dad did at me learning it. 53 years later see? I can drive one – still! Few years ago had to special order a stick shift Honda because so few Americans use them. When I drive a stick I feel more in control. Driving a 69 beetle was fun.

  • kushtiannn

    I learned how to drive a tractor trailer in a manual truck, and even though there were massive “student driver” signs, people were not very forgiving. 😅

  • ChrisTahoe

    This was me once in a 93 Ford Ranger. Early on there was an incident where I kept stalling from a light. Couldn’t figure out what the issue was for awhile. Finally realized I was trying to start in 3rd.

    Some guy pulled up next to me and asked if everything was okay. I explained I was learning to drive a manual. He smiled, advised he had been there too, and wished me luck before driving away.

    There’s a camaraderie in driving manual and I love it.

  • Former_Stranger8963

    My mom taught me how to drive stick… a few months later I was learning how to replace a clutch in my HS Auto class

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