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[OC] My exhausted wife, an hour after making it home with our first.

[OC] My exhausted wife, an hour after making it home with our first.

[OC] My exhausted wife, an hour after making it home with our first.

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  • kkkaylabeth

    congrats on your new baby! she looks worn OUT, i remember that first sleep with the baby when we got home🥰 they are settling in, 💜❤️ such a beautiful moment. sending u guys some good vibes ✨

  • plopezwood

    It’s a rough first six months adjusting but it’s fun to have a little goober to snuggle with. Enjoy this time they stop wanting to sleep on you very quickly.

  • Sea-Veterinarian3547

    Oh buddy, get ready. Clean, cook, pull baby night shift, help with breastfeeding/ pumping if that’s baby’s thing, change every diaper you catch, cover laundry and folding, you both got this. I recommend downloading a particular white noise track that always helped out my kid to sleep called “baby got colic”. My wife is a labor and lactation nurse, I catch a lot of best practices from her. Put in the work now to support both of them.

  • glimmer27

    To say the least, she’s earned a good nap in a comfortable familiar surrounding. That’s a gorgeous little one, take lots and lots of pictures and back them up twice. You can never capture enough moments and the absolute best feeling is to go back through those old pics and marvel at how far they’ve come. Congratulations!

  • pasterhatt

    Congrats! Just brought my first home last week. The adjustments rough, but the little ones are worth it. Remember to take care of your wife, pregnancy, delivery, then the super aggressive newborn feeding schedule takes a toll.

  • Designer-Post5729

    Please don’t lay the baby like this and fall asleep. I know of someone whose kid got SIDS from that. See this link:


    “Always place your baby on his or her back to sleep, not on the stomach or side. The rate of SIDS has gone way down since the AAP introduced this recommendation in 1992.”

  • electric_shocks

    Accidental Renaissance.

    Also don’t ever ever never ever fall asleep/sleep with the baby. Or let them sleep with stuff on their bed. It is understandable, and most people do it. But….It is super dangerous. The exhaustion is too much. I know. But…I just had to say it.

  • DesertSpringtime

    Don’t let them sleep like this, as cute as it may seem it’s very dangerous for the baby (re-breathing co2 and possible suffocation if your wife were to turn)

  • PolishRebel

    Congratz, your world is about to be turn upside down 🙂

    Please don’t let mom/dad ever fall asleep with the baby like this. I still remember having our first, and as soon as we got to our room after birth, nurse pointed this out to us, and said they had a case when mother fell asleep and turned while dropping the baby on floor, baby didn’t survive.

    Whether it was true or not it scared the bejesus out of us, and we made sure to not sleep like this.

  • OutdoorOreo

    For everyone pointing out that the baby shouldn’t be asleep like that just in case… Is it not clear that the father is 2 feet away, likely keeping an eye on his wife and newborn child who just got home from the hospital?

    Y’all need to relax.

  • uglygirlfitness

    This is a beautiful moment. Your wife will need lots of support the next several weeks and months. Remind her how well she’s doing routinely.

  • dblock1887

    Just be careful sleeping like this please. As a new parent I understand the desire to do so but SIDS is very real and important to understand.

    I can relate when I had my first but with my 2nd child I was a lot more responsible and respectful with best practices and knowledge.

  • gingy_ninjy

    Congrats!!!!! Our baby is due tomorrow (but he has been taking his sweet ass time), and I fully expect this to be me when we get home

  • ConEffe10

    Did she say it was fine to post this? giving birth and being a new mom is an incredibly vulnerable and hard time for a woman. You lose agency, privacy, confidence, etc. Things like this contribute to it. God I would hate waking up to a picture of me during this time plastered on the internet for points.

  • sheilacmd

    Beautiful! Don’t wake her, if she is like most moms, she will feel like she should be up doing something (cooking, cleaning, laundry) when she really needs to be looking after herself so she can look after the new precious bundle.


  • supagirl277

    Be prepared for you both to be in this same perpetual state of zombification. At least 2 weeks of sleeping for 2 hours at a time

  • Xuluu

    As the parent of a 4 month old this is giving me extreme anxiety. I’m sure you are checking on them regularly but keep that nose free and clear!! Breathing into a pocket of fabric or skin is deadly and quick.

  • forsennata

    In the first 6 months, mommy sleeps when that baby sleeps. Let everything else go. Let someone else put on the gloves and take care of groceries, laundry, vacuuming. get your sleep where you can get it now.

  • flightwatcher45

    I imagine every parent has done this. Of course there is a chance of something terrible happening but there are millions of things that could go wrong in life..
    I did this with my kids daily.

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