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[NSFW]The moment a 77 year old man opens fire at an environmental activist that is blocking the road

[NSFW]The moment a 77 year old man opens fire at an environmental activist that is blocking the road

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  • AlphaCodeNumerial

    A 77-year-old man shot dead two environmental protesters on Wednesday in an apparent outburst of rage over a roadblock in Panama.
    The protesters, who were opposed to a controversial mining contract, had blocked the Pan-American Highway in Chame, 51 miles from the capital Panama City.
    Initially, Mr Salas removed tyres which were obstructing the road. The protesters, according to witnesses, shouted at the man: “Are you going to kill someone?”

    The gunman replied: “You want to be the first?

    He opened fire, first shooting a protester holding a flag and then a second man who went to confront him, before walking off and removing tree trunks that had been blocking the road. He was then arrested.

    EDIT: If he is convicted, the man could be sentenced to house arrest rather than being sent to jail because of his age.

  • daddydrank

    I wonder if this guy was a commenter on this subreddit. I’ve been seeing comments here promoting murdering these protesters for over a year. Maybe this guy listened.

  • sarcarcass

    “Mr Salas was previously arrested in 2005 after weapons – including an AK-47 and M-16 – were found in his flat. He was later acquitted after a court accepted his plea that they were merely part of a collection.

    He was employed as a spokesman for Marc Harris, a Panamanian accountant who was jailed for 17 years in 2004 after being convicted of money laundering and tax evasion.”

    Interesting guy this Mr. Salas

  • teddytwelvetoes

    every time there’s a thread about protestors blocking traffic half of the comments are people fantasizing about being this lunatic

  • TannyBoguss

    He has the bored face of someone who is watering a flower bed. Not what I would expect from someone using lethal force against another human being. WTF

  • Particular_Battle_63

    From a PURELY photography stand point the image is impeccable timing, to get the gun smoke in frame is a once in a lifetime capture. From a contextual standpoint he’s a piece of trash that can rot.

  • AirPodGoose

    I feel like there is a bit of misinformation here. I am from Panama, and the persons blocking the roads are not “environmental activists”, they are just Panamanian citizens who are fed up with the government for signing a contract that is going to eviscerate not only the environment in our country but also the quality of life of the vast majority of people. The vast majority of the population is protesting, everyone is in the streets and we will not stop until they revoke the contract. The contract signed was unconstitutional and the government thought that they could get away with it without people noticing. This is the first moment I see Panama so united for the same cause; protests and blocking streets have been happening for over 2 weeks at least and so far we have made some progress to revoke the contract. The protests are working and we will not stop!

  • Delta_6661

    Stop saying they were “climate activist” cause they’re not. They are protesting because of a coctel of goverment inefficiency, corruption and lack of taking into account civil society voices in political decisions.

  • albomats

    Ok important to clarify these aren’t just “climate protesters” that’s an over simplification. These protests started over a abusive, one sided and possibly unconstitutional mining concession contract that was signed and approved by the national congress and president in ludicrous time (4 day) despite massive unpopularity.

    These protests have continued as they have evolved into general unrest over the widespread corruption and continuous abuse of power of authorities.

    This is simplistic and oversimplifying but more accurate than just saying climate protesters.

    Source: I live in panama

  • TGED24717

    It’s terrifying because his face isnt even anger while he shoots. It’s just indifference which seems worst to me. This guy isn’t shooting another human being. He is shooting an annoyance, nothing more. What a monster

  • wwaxwork

    They weren’t protesting to protect the environment they were protesting the government breaking the law. Their constitution declares that minerals are the property of the state and can only be mined by concession, The contract given to First Quantum was negotiated without the public’s knowledge and gives First Quantum the right to mine copper across a 32,000-acre expanse for at least 20 years. These are the larges protests in the country since the ones that toppled Noriega. Sure there are environmental issues and concerns, but that is not all that is at stake here, the government is literally ignoring their constitution.

  • Thomisawesome

    All the photos I’ve seen of him during this incident look like this. Completely emotionless, like he’s just moving a tree branch from the road.

    Hope he rots in jail.

  • wibble_spaj

    The people that he shot were not environmental activists, they were a school teacher and her husband who were protesting the opening of a mine.

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