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Now that there’s been some time to get through SM2 main story, what are your thoughts on the game as a whole?

Now that there’s been some time to get through SM2 main story, what are your thoughts on the game as a whole?

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  • SwitchbladeDildo

    It’s a fantastic game in most regards. They pretty much improved everything from swinging and combat to the Mj missions being less boring.

    It’s criminally short however. I wasn’t really rushing and it only took me like 20 hours to get the platinum. Though I will say I was really glad they didn’t add a trophy for Ultimate difficulty because I hate that shit.

  • PimpmyPride

    Best superhero game ever made and my personal GOTY. Most fun I’ve had this year with a game. Thoroughly enjoyed the story, and there were many moments that had me grinning throughout. Technically a masterpiece and most of the set pieces are straight up bonkers.

  • AVAvAv99

    Fun as fuck, great story and the combat is legit

    It’s just got a shit ton of game breaking bugs lol Had to restart my game idk how many times because the audio would bug out, the interact button would bug out and not let me initiate missions, i’d have this glitch where pete and miles wouldn’t be able to swing lol

    A whole lotta just weird ass bugs that hindered the immersion for me buttttt it was enjoyable for sure

  • Watching_You_Type

    Story was great. Venom was elevated from his original Eddie Shoulda-Checked-His-Damn-Sources Brock. Adding in a bit of Knull references for the comic fans was a great touch.

    Main criticism lies with random crime being pretty limited. Don’t know if it’s just me but I mostly find the QTE car chases when I’m out on patrol.

  • Ciahcfari

    It’s a solid 7/10.

    Better swinging, better combat but worse than the first game imo because the story is MUCH weaker, the costume selection is worse, the Venom plotline is just a bad rip-off of Web of Shadows, Pete’s symbiote arc is so rushed there’s no time to get invested at all, Miles has almost nothing to do except for the beginning and end of the game and it’s shorter than the first game while trying to tell a much larger story.

  • Crass_Sentiment


    The story was fun but too short. I’m sure they will have DLC similar to SM1, NG+ doesn’t appeal to me in this game. Could’ve used more polish, my ~22hr experience consisted of 4 dashboard crashes and a plethora of small, mostly not game breaking bugs, but certainly hurt immersion. I’ll pick up a complete edition a few years down the line.

  • Knucklepux29

    Everything up to the introduction of Venom is a 6/10 game for me. Miles story exist to purely push cultural and social commentary.

    After Venom, the story is awesome. 9/10

    Hate all the open world bloat. I audibly sighed everytime I got one of those “I need to take down X amount of bases”, “if I can find more of these..”, blah blah blah.

    After Venom, it really makes you look at how unnecessary the first 2/3rds of the game is.

    Personal opinion but if they had just made a more linear Spider-Man game that focused on the Venom storyline, it would be amazing.

    Wish they would stop with the open world usual crap. It’s exhausting.

    Also, why the fuck are we helping a dude ask his boyfriend to homecoming? Or finding a school mascot? Or finding lost instruments?? You’re fucking Spider-Man… so dumb.

    This game made me realize that while the gameplay is fantastic, Insomniac really just has a blueprint because all 3 of the games are exactly the same.

  • B12C10X8

    I personally loved the game 9/10. Really enjoyed the story and how they portrayed the character. The combat was also excellent again and the game look great visually.

    Only downside to me was the game story was a bit short and they could have added more stuff to the open world to make more lived in.

    Overall really enjoyed the game looking forward to the Final Chapter

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