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(Not Just Bikes) America Always Gets This Wrong (when building transit)

(Not Just Bikes) America Always Gets This Wrong (when building transit)

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  • xford

    Like so many things, a key problem with expanding or improving transit in the US comes back to one political party’s 40+ year campaign that taxes are the enemy combined with toxic individualism.

    Tell someone that they would have to pay $4k a year more in taxes for a bond period in order to increase the transit options in a major city and you’ll have to go into hiding. That same person will gladly pay over $5k a year after taxes on gas, parking, vehicle maintenance, and fines.

    I’d love to see Philadelphia institute a plan that:

    * institutes congestion fees for downtown driving
    * closes sections of the city to car traffic in favor of bus/trolly/trams/light rail
    * reduces the amount of land used for parking
    * increases the regional rail frequency on existing lines
    * expands regional rail to reach more outlying areas

    The chance of that happening approaches zero since people are more than content to sit in an hour of traffic regularly because once in a while the drive only takes 40 minutes compared to taking a 50 minute train ride that is occasionally delayed by 20 minutes.

  • Yserbius

    I hate this channel. Not because he’s wrong (though he often is) but because he spurned a whole army of armchair urban planner that go into a frenzy as soon as they see a picture of a nice suburban home with a manicured lawn and car parked up front.

  • jimbo92107

    This is one reason America’s youth are all getting good at riding Razor style scooters. Rather than walk a mile to a tram, they’ll scoot it at 20 mph… with no helmet or gloves. Not an alternative to a good transit system, but it can help connect to a so-so system.

  • TheGoldenHand

    Most Americans don’t live in cities, and there is no reason they should.

    Where I live we grow your food. You can see the fields from space. Putting down train tracks to the farms doesn’t work. The idea that humans are meant to live in mega cities is fundamentally flawed in my opinion.

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