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Nintendo 64 Classic Edition (FAN-MADE)

Nintendo 64 Classic Edition (FAN-MADE)

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  • Crimsonclaw111

    Once you remove Rare games like Banjo, Diddy Kong Racing, Beetle Racing, etc the library becomes so much smaller.

    Some great games but Rare did a ton of heavy lifting when Nintendo wasn’t.

  • Anarchist_Kaos

    Love the N64 but I feel like every modern version would need to fix that shitty controller, specifically the joystick, because that thing breaks really easily and is just not good, I will add that while the form factor is awkward I’m OK with it, it’s mostly the fact that I own 7 N64 controllers and only one has a working joystick that bothers me.

  • Leramar89

    64 classic games? I can’t think of that many. Especially when you consider some of the best N64 games were made by Rare, who aren’t with Nintendo anymore.

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