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New York placed a lien on Louis Rossmann’s business

New York placed a lien on Louis Rossmann’s business

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  • Ruleoflawz

    Ok, this took me like 5 minutes of listening to him.

    He stopped complying with NY State corporation fees and reporting requirements in 2016, hence, past due since then. He probably thought he, or an attorney/cpa closed down this corp with the state, but it wasn’t. Given the amount of time the business failed to pay, he ended up with a lien payable to the States cashier, NY Tax and finance, or whatever.

    He keeps looking up whether or not the corp owes the state income or sales tax (none owed) and keeps using his personal ssn on the phone instead of clearly referencing the corporate entity – prob should have just said “it’s a business”, and I gave the corp EIN.

    Google New York business search and look it up…

    Seems like a smart guy, but jeez what a whiff on this.

  • RookFett

    This happened to me. Wife made a LLC, she didn’t do anything with it, no money in, so I figured I don’t have to pay sales tax. Well, State came back and gave me an estimated bill to pay, $2k. Simply called and they said fill out an addendum to the paperwork showing no sales. Freak me out when I goth that bill.

  • Citizen_Gamer

    Every time I see this guy, he’s always complaining about 1 thing or another. He’s always the victim of something. Just seeing these thumbnails as I scroll reddit is a drag. I hope this guy has something in his life that makes him happy. It would be nice if he talked about that for a change.

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