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“Never Again is Now!” Brandenburg Gate on the 85th anniversary of Kristallnacht.

“Never Again is Now!” Brandenburg Gate on the 85th anniversary of Kristallnacht.

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  • Mission_Expression49

    It is not about the Israeli politics under their soon be dictator. It is not about the zionists that kill Palestinians in the westbank. It is about the Jews all over the world and especially in Germany that have been persecuted and killed for thousands of years.

  • Training-Accident-36

    Small note that it is not called Kristallnacht in Germany as that is a positive or euphemistic term for it (Crystal Night).

    The horrifying week is called “November-Pogrome” in today’s discourse.

  • hypnos_surf

    More governments need to take responsibility and it would ease tensions. If leadership just owned their history to show empathy and that they don’t want atrocities repeated we can all move on. Now countries want to point fingers and try to one up each other with accusations.

  • zincel

    Helmut Schmidt once said (google translated):

    „But unfortunately it is the case that when a German criticizes Israel, it is interpreted as anti-Semitism.
    Ms. Merkel’s statement gives the impression that we have a quasi-alliance obligation towards Israel.
    But we don’t have that and we shouldn’t proclaim or strive for it on our own initiative.
    I would also like to point out that Israel is a nuclear-armed power.
    And that Israel, like Pakistan and India, have not joined the Non-Proliferation Treaty. But which we joined.
    After long struggles, the CDU-CSU refused until the 1970s, we finally ratified this non-proliferation treaty under the chancellorship of Willy Brandt.
    The conditions on the so-called West Bank, i.e. in Palestine or the conditions in the Gaza Strip, are of course terrible.
    Not just on the Palestinian side, but terribly on the Israeli side too.
    The fact that so-called settlements are being built all the time, some of them real apartment blocks.
    And a wall will be built on land that does not belong to the State of Israel.
    These are all things that should actually be criticized.
    And if you ignore it and say instead that we have a special responsibility for the security of Israel, then this may be a part of your own foreign policy that has not been fully thought through.“

    German original:
    „Aber es ist leider so, dass wenn ein Deutscher Israel kritisiert, dann wird ihm das als Antisemitismus ausgelegt.
    Die Äußerung von Frau Merkel macht den Eindruck, als ob wir quasi eine Bündnisverpflichtung gegenüber Israel hätten.
    Die haben wir aber nicht und die sollten wir auch nicht von uns aus proklamieren oder anstreben.
    Ich will auch mal darauf aufmerksam machen, dass es sich bei Israel um eine Nuklear bewaffnete Macht handelt.
    Und dass Israel genau wie Pakistan und wie Indien, nicht dem Nichtverbreitungsvertrag beigetreten sind. Dem wir aber beigetreten sind.
    Nach langen Kämpfen, die CDU-CSU hat sich geweigert, bis in die 70er-Jahre hin, haben wir dann schließlich unter der Kanzlerschaft von Willy Brandt, diesen Nichtverbreitungsvertrag ratifiziert.
    Die Zustände auf der sogenannten Westbank, also in Palästina oder die Zustände im Gaza-Streifen, sind natürlich schrecklich.
    Nicht nur auf Palästinensischer Seite, sondern schrecklich eben auch auf Israelischer Seite.
    Dass da am laufenden Bande sogenannte Siedlungen errichtet werden, zum Teil richtige Wohnblocks.
    Und eine Mauer errichtet wird auf einem Gelände, das nicht zum Staate Israel gehört.
    Alles das sind Dinge, die eigentlich kritisiert werden sollten.
    Und wenn man sie verschweigt und stattdessen sagt, wir tragen eine besondere Verantwortung für die Sicherheit Israel, dann ist das möglicherweise ein nicht bis zu Ende gedachter Teil, der eigenen Außenpolitik.“

  • slo1111

    Unfortunately the world does not recognize such platitudes. It will happen again and again and again simply because humans will continue to create ethnic and religious purity goals that serve as the rationalization to do harm to groups of people.

  • ExtraPockets

    So Just Stop Oil didn’t ruin the Brandenburg gate forever with orange paint after all! If only the planet was this easy to clean.

  • BlackHoleEnthusiast

    I’m saying this as a Palestinian, holding all Jewish people responsible for Israel is ignorant and antisemitic, Israel represents itself, Jews are not to answer for the crimes of Israel, hell not all Israelis are responsible for the crimes of Israel, obviously a lot of Israelis are complicit in their wars and conquests of my people, but please don’t generalize.

    Edit: what happened to the Jewish people, especially in the holocaust is a tragedy everyone shouldn’t forget, and what the Israeli government is doing to us is a tragedy I hope everyone won’t forget.

    Never again for Jews, never again for Palestinians, and never again for anyone.

  • adamcoolforever

    People on Reddit:

    “I’m anti-israel not anti-semitic”

    *Sees a memorial for a pogrom committed against Jews in Europe that has nothing to do with Israel*

    “Booo!! Down with the Jews!”

  • Dutch92

    I feel like a lot of people in this thread need a quick reminder that you can be critical of Israel’s response without being antisemitic whatsoever.

  • Waescheklammer

    This is not about Israel/Palestine. Well indirectly since thats the origin. This is about the rising antisemitism in Germany lately, since the start of the war.

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