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Mulan: A Case of Failed Empowerment

Mulan: A Case of Failed Empowerment

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  • OceanCyclone

    It lacked magic, it wasn’t compelling, it completely misunderstood what’s great about the story, and then to cap it all off the actress if pro-cop in China…and stated this around one of their biggest anti-cop/establishment protests. She killed the movie and her career here.

  • LiteCoffee1994

    How many goddamn video essays does this movie have? And they’re all dedicated to how much it sucked ass. I’m serious. Type in Mulan 2020 on YouTube and see how many results there are.

  • corakken

    This is one of the only movies I’ve ever watched that genuinely upset me because of how much I hated it haha. It upset me so much that I still think about how upsetting it was 2 years later!! I would love to talk to the people in charge of writing and making this movie to ask them wtf they thought they were doing

  • Dr_Pants91

    Yeah… this one. I’m usually an apologist for the live action remakes, I’m actually pretty cool with most of them and own quite a few on Blu-ray, but this one was just bad. Completely stripped away the personality of the original and had nothing to replace it with except some mediocre Wuxia fight scenes that weren’t near good enough to fill the hole left by the loss of the music, Mushu, and the characters having distinct personalities and character traits.

  • kemick

    Mulan (2020) wins because she’s a kung fu chosen one and she fights best.

    Mulan (1998) wins because her.. unique personality demonstrates unexpected value. She succeeds where conventional strength has already failed. The things that people thought made her weak actually made her strong.

    I got the impression Disney made a ‘safe’ kung fu movie but with a Western narrative, appealing to two audiences but disappointing both.

  • shanghairolls99

    I hate this movie with a passion. Its like they did everything to butcher a movie, throw away the original material and cast an actress thats pro human rights violation.

  • skuzmed

    The negative reviews are so unfounded. It doesn’t have to be your prefered movie, but people need to realize that they intentionally made this movie to be more in line with an Asian cinematic style.

    So many Western viewers seem to just be perplexed that other styles exist in the world and will only line up for repetitive nostalgia.

    It reminds me so much of how the internet convulses whenever women or PoC’s are put into any setting where a white general public hadn’t previously imagined them.

  • 2hats4bats

    The movie wasn’t bad because of false empowerment. It was bad because it had no story. It was a poorly written and executed film. The end.

    I’m so sick to death of these think pieces with every bad female-led movie being blamed oh feminism. They’re just bad for normal reasons and they’re allowed to be. Do you have any idea how many terrible movies I’ve sat through with male characters exhibiting “false toughness” and “unearned power?”

  • Geistwhite

    “We can’t have Mushu because it doesn’t fit the tone we’re going for”

    > has lady that literally turns into a bird at will

  • hermitopurpa

    Disney has been taking a dump on whatever good will they spent decades building up. When they aren’t beating us over the head with performative virtue signalling it’s faux-progressive identity politics. To think that this is the same company that produced some of the most emotionally nuanced animations that shaped the childhood of generations of kids.

  • Mortecaiii

    I’ve never seen the movie but I always hear how bad it is.

    Does anyone know how Chinese audiences reacted to it? Would be interesting to see if there is a difference.

  • Ippherita

    Empowerment is “overcoming obstacles”. Showing weak character is OK, you can show weak character solving problems and overcome obstacles, and never give up.

    Giving special power to character so said character breeze through the story is not empowerment. You can’t show a character resolve in this way.

    Some story does not need empowerment for main characters. For example: one punch man. He is a comedy and will easily win fight. The main thing about one punch man is about the comedy of him being overpowered, but the show also give empowerment to side characters who struggle against monsters to stall time for us audiences.

    Mulan 2020 failed because they dont dare to show a weak protagonist. Mulan animated is weak at first but overcome her obstacles and get good.

  • Fafoah

    IIT people bitching about things addressed directly in the video.

    Problem with this movie is that the director and writers clearly didn’t understand the source material and culture and made zero effort to do so. They basically just wanted to play around with mystic orientalism because they thought it was pretty. How disney decided not to have a chinese writer or director on the movie is beyond me. Kind of the same shit that we saw with Iron Fist.

  • muscle417

    So when I watched this, I had an intermittent issue with my Roku that made the sound and video out of sync. I watched 2/3 of the movie thinking they had dubbed over the Chinese speakers. Still not sure whether that enhanced or detracted from the movie.

  • HungerSTGF

    This was genuinely one of the worst movies I’ve seen in recent years that I can think of. It stung even more remembering paying the 30 bucks to do the Premier Access on Disney+. My grandma who doesn’t even speak English gathered to watch it to support a Chinese-led Hollywood movie and I don’t think anyone in my family was happy with the movie. Who was this movie for?

  • Cash907

    Disney: no Mushu because this version will be grounded and realistic.

    Also Disney: watch this immortal witch grow talons and then turn into a GD bird!

  • fresksau87

    A script that says “strong woman” will fail. It’s like Emily Blunt who said she turns down roles with “strong woman” in the script, it’s forced.

  • Zeptojoules

    Female leads are shit because a woman has to be depicted as strong. Or else it risks the ire of several culture journalists about how terrible it is for feminism to depict a failing or ungifted female lead. Male leads can be just as absurd but writers who write weak start female leads are probably considered risky bets for a big budget movie.

  • Ordinary_Cap_5846

    Disney today is all about female characters that are near perfect from the get go, face no real character development or challenges and just know how to do everything

  • Ubykrunner

    I’m not an expert in Chinese culture, but if I’m correct the Mulan tale had a total different meaning in the original Chinese version. Something that even the 1998 movie took away in favour of a tipically western hero journey formula.

  • Aevum1

    disney live action remake = shitty cash grab, its that simple.

    the problem is that they keep race changing or inserting LGBTQ+ people so they can claim representation and dismiss any critism of the movies as harassment and bigotry, its actually that the movies are shit disney, stop queer bating and race baiting people to sell your recycled garbage.

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