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Movie: The Kid (1921) – Charlie Chaplin

Movie: The Kid (1921) – Charlie Chaplin

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  • JunkiesAndWhores

    Great restoration. It does still seem to suffer from the “speeded up” thing that old b&w films had. Perhaps some knowledgeable person can explain why this wasn’t fixed as part of the restoration?

  • Scmods05

    I went on a Chaplin discovery binge last year. So glad I did. What consistently blew me away was, while still being hilarious, how much heart went into his movies. Whether it’s the final few shots of The Circus, or the legendary monologue in The Great Dictator, the one constant in his films was how much heart was in them and how much they made you feel.

    The Kid was no exception. The relationship between the two of them was incredible. Absolute masterpiece.

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