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Mormon siblings

Mormon siblings

Mormon siblings from funny

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  • Grantagonist

    Serious question: How much time do you spend editing and reformatting clips for posting to your various social accounts?

    I’d guess most of us don’t think much about that, but that’s gotta be a not-insignificant chunk of your week. Seems like it’s working here, as some of us are actually remembering your name between posts! (Not sure how much that helps, given that I’m nowhere near NYC…)

  • GunmaLizard

    I’ve seen another video of you recently and subscribed to your channel on YouTube! Love the “naturalness” that comes with your style and delivery, best of luck man!

  • FlashyG

    Assuming the OP is the comedian I’m interested if your act is all crowd work or if that’s just what you share here to prevent from burning your material.

    Either way I’ve enjoyed enough of your stuff that if you ever cross the border into Ontario, Canada I’d come check out a show for sure.

  • cbrantley

    Jeff, I’ve been watching the stuff you post and it’s really great. I love your crowd work. If you get a special any time soon I promise to have it going in the background while I scroll reddit in bed.

  • LeAristocrat

    I don’t go to comedy clubs often but I would imagine it’s rare for a comedian to proactively interact with the crowd as much as I’ve seen Jeff do it due to the potential pitfalls.

    He’s always kind in his interactions which, I would imagine, makes people more willing to engage positively resulting in a better show!

    This training probably is going to make him a master at his craft because he’ll be able to handle anything thrown his way!

  • drugsarebadmmk420

    Its been a while since I laughed out loud at a stand up comic and you sir have restored my faith in the craft. Great crowd work. I’m now on a mission to find more of your stuff.

    Edit went down a YouTube rabbit hole and I’m loving your comedy. I’ll stay on the lookout for you. Great work

  • ithinkway2much

    I was getting ready to ask who is this guy until I took a closer look at your profile pic and recognized it was you lol

    Put me down for yes, I do want to see and hear more of your comedy.

  • Sir-Grumpalot

    Randomly found you on instagram a few days ago and now popped up on my Reddit feed! You’re getting the exposure you deserve, absolutely laughing my arse off at your stand up vids!

    If you ever come to the UK I’m getting a ticket!

    Really hoping you make it big, seriously, love your work!

  • dano415

    He’s one of the better comedians we have today, and I haven’t searched. Why did comedy die? SNL is the most unfunny show now. I don’t know what happened?

    Maybe the copious amounts of drugs consumed back in the day made a difference?

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