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Mirrors edge turns 15 years old this year.

Mirrors edge turns 15 years old this year.

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  • ManWithDominantClaw

    It’s pretty unique in its genre given it has a pretty lacklustre story and its success relied heavily on the solid gameplay.

  • stopmotioner

    I remember being really enamored with its visual design. It was one of the first games to use high resolution light baking, so they really tried to show it off with stark white walls and pops of color that would bounce around the room. It gave it such a unique look.

  • rooftops

    Sniping in the storm drains is somehow the most memorable part of ME to me and I was a little bummed out to lose the shooter aspect in Catalyst, and I will die on that hill.

  • Blaggablag

    I remember them trying to push the physx integration so hard, it ironically made it really hard to run on later generations of pc hardware until they came up with a stable version.

  • Hypervisory

    Usually, games that have aged well due to their use of a particular art style are cartoony/cell-shaded (TF2, Borderlands) but I don’t know what I’d call the aesthetic that Mirrors Edge has.

  • eggsaladactyl

    Black Friday that year my buddies and I camped out in front of Best Buy. We brought a 360, TV, and speakers. Used an exterior outlet with an extension cord and ended up playing Mirrors Edge most of the time. People were standing around watching and cheering. We also had a tent with snacks and totally non alcoholic beverages and the whole line turned in to a big party. Wound up on the locals news as well. Mirrors Edge always brings me back to that day and a half. Amazing game.

  • SayNO2AutoCorect

    As far as I am concerned, as somebody who hasn’t really played system/PC video games since 2013 (except to play sequel), this game has the BEST movement system. I wish other games would just pay for and adopt the wall running/jumping/rolling/sliding mechanics. And another game should take spiderman 2’s swing mechanics. And roll tha tinto one game.

  • 10SB

    First game I’ve ever platinumed.

    Man, I remember that speedrun trophy where you had to wait for the gate to open. Man I hated that trophy haha. Long level and I just kept getting antsy about my time.

  • of_mice_and_nick

    I really hope we see this game again one day. It’s sad EA and so many other developers are sitting on these good mines and doing nothing with them at all.

  • Kokumotsu36

    I cant wait for this to get the Portal RTX treatment with RTX Remix.
    The game is beyond beautiful but to have accurate lighting and shadows; *Chef’s kiss

  • tidytibs

    I truly appreciate the originality of the gameplay and the story. I wish more great stories to these changes and were able to make these same successes.

  • MisterKraken

    Incredible games. Played the first one so many times since it’s release and only recently picked up Catalyst.

    Truly incredible. Both of them

  • eternalityLP

    One of my favourites. Shame it wasn’t popular enough to make more than 2. The visual style of city of glass was awesome and the first person parkour gameplay was pretty unique.

  • coolquixotic

    Damn… I’m getting old. I remember ignoring this game and picking up another game that also launched during the same time but returned it because the disk wouldn’t work and picked a random game that turned out to be Mirror’s edge. Such a unique game + really good OST!

  • elegentpurse

    I can’t handle how bright all the white is on my 64-inch TV. I gave it a try last year, and after half a level, I had a headache….

    I’m not sure if modern TVs come with a setting for this.

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