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Me in first generation.

Me in first generation.

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  • DepletedMitochondria

    Friend of mine who had never played Pokemon laughed so hard at
    how weird the little statements the trainers make before they battle you are.

  • Onii-Chan-San-Sama

    They knew what they were doing.

    If you try to skip this first guy the other trainer blocks your path after you fight and you have to fight the original trainer! (Unless you leave the route)

  • MasterDimentio90

    Blue: Uh oh. Don’t look. Misty.

    Red: Where? (Looks and makes eye contact with her.) Oh god, I made eye contact.

    Blue: Psycho Water Gym Leader.

    Misty: (Approaches Red.) Happy Anniversary Red!

    Red: Misty we broke up 2 months ago.

    Misty: Well that doesn’t mean we can’t still go out.

    Red: Well it does actually. That’s what breaking up is.

    Misty: Well are you gonna go to the S.S. Anne tonight?

    Red: NO! (Turns to Blue)

    Blue: NO!

    Misty: Dontcha wanna open your present?

    Red: If it’s a severed Slowpoke tail I’m gonna be very upset.

    Misty: Open it.

    Red: Okay. (Opens the present.) What is it?

    Misty: It’s a Pokéball rack.

    Red: A Pokéball rack?! A Pokéball rack? Yeeaah right. I own and belt and have access to a Pokémon PC at every Pokémon Center. I can only hold 6 at any given time let alone many Pokéballs that would necessitate and entire rack. What am I gonna do… with a Pokéball rack?

    Misty: You don’t like it? Fine… You know Red if you’re not careful you’re gonna lose me. (Walks away)

    Red: I lost you 2 months ago! Are you a Psyduck? We broke up! Get the Pokémon PC!

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