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Maybe skip this patch until the next arrives.

Maybe skip this patch until the next arrives.

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  • WalkerBRiley

    SE really needs to just start putting more and more resources into FFXIV. Revamp the backend so it isn’t held together with crazy glue and duct tape, more content sooner, and start working on 7.0. I feel like they’re banking on XVI being some phenomenal success story but I get the feeling it is going to be a FF game in name only and that’s going to turn a lot of people away from it.

  • xanderten50

    Funnily enough, I really enjoyed what I played of it (the demo at least) and it’s a shame that it had to be fudged into a horrible live-service type of game – otherwise it could just have been left to find its own audience (however small) instead of being completely removed. Oh well, another day – another dead service game.

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