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Man shares his experience taking 30 hits of LSD.

Man shares his experience taking 30 hits of LSD.

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  • melodydissonance

    Classic vid! Had a similar experience when I was 17 off 10 hits but it was intentional and I was in the safety of my house.

    Couldn’t possibly imagine trying to navigate somewhere and how scary it’d be. It still makes me unsettled thinking how poorly my experience could’ve went.

  • blood_kite

    ‘OK, what’s up with him?’

    ‘Don’t mind him. He just got through dropping a gallon of LSD.’

    ‘A gallon?!’

    ‘A literal gallon. Out of a milk jug. I don’t even know where he got it from. He never leaves the l–‘

  • inkseep1

    I did 100 hits two times. The first time, my two friends who also took the same dose, and I were sitting on a sidewalk and there was this brown and green mist in the air right next to us. And we were trying to figure out what it was. We all saw it as a brown and green cloud or mist. I don’t know how long we talked about it before I decided to touch it. And when I did it was like a waveform collapsed into solid reality and I yelled ‘It’s a tree’. People walking nearby grabbed their kids and ran away from us. We had great difficulty eating food. The texture was all wrong and the stir fry we got was way too hot and we could not figure out why the food hurt. Just getting food was hard because one of my friends determined that one could exchange fiat currency for food because that was the local medium of stored wealth representing bartered labor and this was morally wrong. He always became a communist when he got high.

  • amphetaminesfailure

    So I did acid once, and it turned into a bad experience, and that was entirely my own fault, plus the fault of my friends.

    I had just turned 19 a couple months earlier, I was a freshman in college, living close to 1500 miles from home.

    So I had befriended this older girl on campus through myspace, she was, I want to say 23/24 at the time, but was an undergrad. She did a few gap years.

    She was big into the goth/industrial scene, and there was this pretty famous club in the city, that she introduced me too.

    Met some really cool people. All older than me. They ranged from around 23-35. I felt really cool having “older” friends.

    And I want to say this upfront, they weren’t scumbags. I mean, two or three were, but for the most part they were people who liked to party, but were into nerd/geek culture quite a bit. They all held down jobs, and had their own apartments. For the most part they were faux intellectuals.

    All of them were far from perfect, but I myself was an “edgy” and “nerdy” teenager away from home for the first time, so I idolized them.

    Two of them, I became very close to. I went to their apartment almost every night of the week to hang out.

    They end up getting some acid blotters, and ask me if I wanted to trip and they’d watch out for me. I said sure. Took two of them.

    THREE hours went by, and I was feeling absolutely nothing. We had just been sitting around talking, having some beers, they were doing a few shots.

    So after that long, they decide that they had gotten ripped off, and the blotters were fake.

    Well they feel bad about the situation, and were like, “You know, let’s just do a couple lines of blow, have a few more beers, and watch a movie.”

    So that’s what we did.

    And I want to point out again, these guys weren’t addicts, neither was I. They “partied” with drugs maybe once or twice a month, just smoked and drank other days of the week.

    Now, this was maybe my third time doing blow, so I generally knew what it was like. And the previous two times, I did way more. This time we each just did two small lines, got a little high, watched a movie. They had work in the morning, so they didn’t want to do enough to not be able to sleep at all.

    Another couple hours go by, and they decide to go to bed after the movie is over.

    I go to lay down on the couch, and not too long after the acid hits me. Or, I should say, whatever chemical component it was. I don’t think it was LSD, probably some knock off derivative, which is why it took hours to do anything.

    So now I have whatever this knock off is brining me up, while having a come down from those couple lines and 6 or 7 drinks.

    I just go into like full panic/paranoia mode.

    The entire apartment is dark, I end up laying underneath their computer desk curled up.

    Objects went in and out of focus, and there were times when I felt like me eyes were “stuttering” and “vibrating” with everything turning to static for a second or two.

    At one point, one of them comes out to get a drink from the kitchen sink, notices me under the desk and gets down on his hands and knees in front of me. He gets right in my face and says something like, “You tripping man?” In that moment I felt just total fear, and thought he was about to end my life.

    Long story short, they eventually get me to lay on their couch after they get up for work.

    They brought me chicken nuggets on their lunch break, I went home at like 5pm the next day, almost 24 hours later.

    Took me two days to feel “semi normal.”

    I’ve had dysthymia/PDD and anxiety issues since that night, despite the fact we’re coming up on 15 years since it happened.

    Neither of those issues have been debilitating. I’m in my 30’s, I work, I own a house, I own a car, I have friends, I have family.

    But I have **never** been the person I was before that night. It changed the way my mind functions, in a negative way.

  • evDev84

    the next morning somewhere that guy who gave him acid came to like, “Did I give some grocery guy a shit load of acid? Ohhh fuck.”

  • SkydivingCats

    So, really not so CSB and I’m not trying to start a “becky” conversation either.


    A good friend of mine took 25 hits of acid at once when he was a sophomore in college. My friend was one of the most talented musicians I have ever known. Really smart guy too.


    He was literally never the same after that. I saw him about a week afterwards, and he was basically a shell of himself. Had this weird look on his face. He was still out of it. (there’s so much more to this story but I’m keeping it brief) About a month later he came back to “normal” but would have these really weird freakouts where his face would go back to that weird face he had when he was tripping and he’d get odd and argumentative, then snap back out of it fairly quickly. I lost touch with him after a couple of years and now I know he’s a diagnosed schizophrenic. Of course, he may well have had schizophrenia without the acid, but I’m telling you, seeing someone you deeply care for in that state is alarming.


    That said, I have done acid in completely normal moderation, thought it was OK, and believe it may have some therapeutic aspects, just, uh, be really fucking careful with it. It’s really not to be trifled with or taken in large doses.

  • zaxmaximum

    Dang. All I can say is that any trip on LSD or Mushrooms will change who you are. Obviously any new experience has that potential, but with psychedelics walls come down that never really go back up… it is almost like you get to glimpse behind the curtain, and even when the curtain is back you don’t care as much because you have an idea of what’s behind it.

    I’m not saying these experiences impart truth or meaning, but they get stored in a deeper part of who you are.

  • TedBundyCouldGetIt

    I would love to eat acid again. But I think your brain is like a rubber band. You can stretch it a whole lot, but eventually a rubber band gets cracks in it, then it breaks. My brain has cracks for sure, the last time I ate acid, I just knew, this is my last ride.

  • oliverkloezoff

    *”I wasn’t scared cause I knew it was the drugs*. That’s the key between a good trip or a bad trip. Never had a bad trip cause I knew it was just the drugs. But I never took 30 hits at once either😜.

  • GreatNorthWeb

    A donut diving hippie

    Came with a surprise

    And squeezed LSD

    Into some guy.

    The dose was enormous

    Some say heroic.

    Magic on the bus

    Adds to the epic.

    Sunrise, lo!

    Six hours peak time,

    Then a journey home

    For two days of high.

    The moral my friends,

    No matter your wish,

    It’s not recommended

    To tic off your list.

  • snorkiebarbados

    My mate took that but up the nose. He said it took like 6 months to fully stop. He is a total space cake now. He hasn’t been the same since

  • norapeformethankyou

    Fuck. I took 5 hits over the weekend and had an existential crisis. Started thinking about control and interactions between people. Came to the conclusion that nothing matters and anything I do will not matter so life is pointless… Wasn’t fun at all. Before that whole thought process, it was great! Could turn my head and hear different frequencies and got audio and visual vibrations working together in the woods.

    Pretty sure if I took 30, id panic and hurt myself.

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